Italy's coronavirus death toll passes 10,000

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In Italy, more than 10,000 people have died since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the latest data from the Civil Protection Agency.

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That's crazy like one of those horror movies. RIP

Author — infiniti37G


When this pandemic is over remember who saved humanity. It wasn’t billionaires, corporations, celebrities, or politicians, but nurses, doctors, teachers, grocery store workers, janitors, and drug store employees-i.e, the working class.

Author — S Hussein


Let's pray for Italians, it's really sad to lose our sisters and brothers

Author — Abraham Obar


It is incredibly sad to die without saying goodbye to loved ones!

Author — Dipshikha Ghosh


This is like World War 3 except we are all fighting the same enemy.

Author — Deborah Foster


We need hospitals more than any military technology now.
It is sad that western countries spent so much on military spending (India too), and are capable of launching rockets and cruise missiles but cannot save people because there are not enough hospitals.

Author — Soshee Ananda


I feel sad for my own country. then I see the deaths toll rising in Italy. I just want this to stop. Allah g please have mercy on mankind. PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON US. 😢😢😢😢😢

Author — khushbu fatima


Our Prayers are with you Italians . may Allah cure it

Author — Zarrok Supi


The procession of death does not stop. God bless everyone

Author — Hridoye Bangladesh, from Bangladesh


I dont know if its settling in yet, But the entire 🌎 world. Will NOT be the same when this is over 🙏🏼

Author — Anonymous Fitness


God Bless Italy. You are beautiful people and so loving.

Author — M. wolf


God says repent our sin if not there's no Everyone pray for the world plz

Author — Chingshen Joilen


Repentance of our sins will be a good treatment

Author — Reuben Fabian


Our prayers 🙏 goes to Italian family 🙏

Author — Mina K


I send my deepest condolences for Italy

Author — Porn King


My condolences to the families that lost their love ones.italy I am crying

Author — Faith lucky lucky


Love you italy...come on 🇮🇹 italy
We all stand together with you😭😭😭
Love from pakistan

Author — shahidkiani123


My family in America prays for Italy everyday. We love Italians.

Author — Alex Wu


From Syria, afganistan, Yemen, Myanmar, Palestine to Corona huminity dying day by day ....

Author — Naved khan


Ive never seen such thing in my life ... i cant just still believe its happening
God ..

Such a sad thing .. praying From India

Author — Sudeshna Uma