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Managing your finances in your 20s can be tricky! Even if a personal finance system is yours and fully customizable, I hope this video helps and gives you an idea on how you can possibly organize and track your finances.

Dealing with personal finances, especially since it’s not taught in school can be quite hard and confusing. I hope this video and this channel will help you out in the challenges we are facing right now with personal finance, entrepreneurship and adulting in general.

►Outline :
0:00 - Intro & Features
0:41 - Start of Video
1:00 - Outline
1:35 - My Savings Accounts
8:06 - My Credit Cards
9:45 - My Wallets/E-wallets
11:40 - How I Track
18:06 - Final Thoughts

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Finally a young filipina with a plan in life💖

Author — future millionaire


How I really wish this and financial wellness is taught in school. Our country would probably be a little bit better if we were trained to handle money better.

Author — Jena Marie Nubla


For this Holiday, i will study and plan for my personal finance.

Author — Kathleen Maray Salting


thanks! i am already 30 y/o but i really learn a lot from younger people like you and nicole. kudos to you! looking forward to more contents like this :)

Author — Faith TMC


Thanks a lot for the shoutout, Charm! 😊 Grabe talaga the 4-step process! I wish I had the energy to be that meticulous. Haha. I can't believe it only takes you a few minutes to jot down your expenses everyday. Or maybe I'm just overthinking how long will it take if I do that. 😅

Author — Maven & Money


Omg sample spreadsheet is life! Hoping to be approved sa group. 🙏🏻♥️

Author — Cami


Thank u for financially guiding us, you are like a sister I never had! Thank you, and hope u get well!❤

Author — Czee D


Yey! maybe you can also make a video guide on how to use the excel template that you’ve made for those who don’t know 🤩

Author — Akasha Flo


A filipina that speaks good english (such a rare find) I can understand 100% of your videos, and those who need native language captions deserve to suffer 😂 Thanks for the vid!

Author — Andrew's Travel Update


So close to 5k!!! Charm and thank u for this vid! 💞

Author — Anna Sanders


Gusto ko din gawin yung net worth! I feel like accounting lang ito nung nag aaral pa ko💖

Author — Crisellee Aquino


I am from Europe, but still finding your channel useful. Thanks for sharing your personal finance system.

Author — Regular European Investor


nice on the networth. I was waiting for that. I thought you only track your expenses. The networth spreadsheet is what will really inspire you to do more as you can see your network everymonth increasing and which investments or business are giving you more money :) I wish all young professionals are like you

Author — Ice & Summer


hello ate charm! super helpful ng vids nyo. u've mentioned facebook ads can you give a short tutorial on how to set it up? thaanksss

Author — Anna Gracia


Very great video! I even follow you on instgram :)

Author — Alex Libranza


Its really cool to find other Filipino creators out here also making finance based content! I really appreciate your content and am super glad that you are sharing finance knowledge with people who are young. Great work and keep it up!

Author — Nolan Dalman


Finance tips for working students please😊
Love your videos btw 😘❤

Author — Anne Bernel


Hi, I Admire your Advocacy in Educating young adults and young professionals, especially on financial management from Cebu. hopefully, I can join your Facebook page and upload the tracking Budget Template. Thank you for the help.

Author — redan dasmarinas


Do you also invest in cooperative? If yes, We would love to hear about it for the next content.
Thank you and Godbless 🙂

Author — Gibson Balbarada


Interesting! Good job! Be careful of your security tho, social media dangers u know, but this is a nice vid!

Author — Mia Saud-Lim