How Mike Pence became a villain in Trump world - BBC News

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Mike Pence, the former US vice president, used to be seen as Donald Trump's right-hand man. But during the Capitol riots, a pro-Trump mob called the loyal former vice-president a traitor who should be hanged. What changed?

The BBC's Anthony Zurcher explains.

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It's always concerning happenings here and there.. Please who's got something to say about crypto?

Author — Isla Vivian


This is about standing together as one. If we dont stand up, we shall fall.

Author — Myreon Johnson


I'm grateful of being in the minority of critical thinking.

Author — Bruce Thomas Wayne


this happens when you give your image and support to a crazy man, cursed is the one who trusts in man: Pence, you forgot this, now pay for your sins.

Author — ex dev


Do you know how to tell those rioters that day wernt antifa? Antifa would have took 20 steps to the left of the wall and walked up the steps instead of scaling it 😂😂😂

Author — D.B. Cooper


Yes, and there were other republicans (senators) in chambers, whose safety was at risk. How do their family and loved ones feel?

Author — Eric Santos


i well remember how the bbc dismissed complaints of incitement against joe brand, when she suggested battery acid be thrown over politicians, presumably they think the charges against trump are nonsense as well

though somehow hypocrites don't seem to have that level of self-awareness

Author — Ted


It stills baffles me as to what Trump thought Pence could actually do with respect to election certification. Even if he DID refuse to call for Biden the race would not be automatically called for Trump. Wouldn’t the issue be taken up with the Supreme Court? And then what did he expect the court to vote in his favor dispute the certification process that called the race for Biden to that point? Was he so uneducated into how the democracy worked that he thought just one element in the chain could upturn all others? Or does any of this really matter? Maybe causing chaos, regardless of outcome, was the larger goal here. Stirring the pot at the local, state and national levels via improper phone calls to these officials, while getting certain national legislators in the Senate and House to suggest overturning other states election results and thereby instigating state vs state uncertainty, and perhaps antagonism, all for his benefit or to start the dismantling of the republic? How does an over indulged narcissist, not particularly bright or politicly savvy with no noticeable grasp of national or international history, get to where he seems to be acutely aware of how to chip away at our national foundation? Be interest to know who’s briefing him on this.

Author — Steven Shelton


Perhaps, he has become the next human sacrifice?

Author — jc kalden


This man is dangerous and unpredictable

Author — Joseph Bradshaw


Pence did the right n according to the rule of law...

Author — SoonLeng Poh


That was an incomplete useless report!

Author — John Willis



Author — MRD


Pents was thrown under the bus, for not willing to go along all the way...

Author — geraldillo


World never be the same again after Trump... WTF it seem when you test the spicy food at the first time, and there all type of food just not same again .. why? It wake up call?

Author — Nicky C


Better story "How the British Brainwashing Corporation (BBC) became a villain in real world"

Author — youubik


What did he do?
Did he get the infinity gauntlet?

Author — Edward Harrison


Pence’s Real Dirt will come out just like Judge R. Creepy

Author — Marya Love


Vice President Mike Pence served our nation faithfully and honorably.
He can now return to Indiana in peace, with the thanks of Americans for the massive silent effort to create our successful vaccine program.

Author — Ann Bush


American politics is like just full of snowflakes now. On both ends and it’s cray

Author — Bardo Film