WALKING STREETS of LIMA, PERU 🇵🇪(Exploring Dangerous Neighbourhood)

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WALKING STREETS of LIMA, PERU 🇵🇪(Exploring Dangerous Neighbourhood)4.5

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*New continent + New adventures!* Hope you enjoyed this unique experience that I was lucky enough to capture on film! Some of you may have noticed that some of the clips may have been lower quality/out of focus at times, this is because I am trying out a new camera so I am getting used to the different settings etc. As time moves forward I will get the hang of it. Let me know your thoughts of the video overall and what you would like to see more of in a separate comment below. Thank you for watching! ❤🇵🇪

Author — Indigo Traveller


Those ain’t dangerous streets man!
I lived 6 years in Lima and I know.

Author — Borinca Son


Hey Nick, I'm usually not the kind of person who leaves comments, *but* I just wanted to say that your videos inspired me to *finally* travel on my own last summer (at the age of 27 😂) I didn't have the courage to do it earlier but now I'm *so* glad that I did it because it truly was a life-changing experience! Keep up the great work on your channel! 👍 Sending you lots of love from Austria, Europe! 😊😊

Author — 91clarie


No bro. Im from Peru and we dont consider that place dangerous. You have to go to La Victoria or Barrios Altos or CALLAO haha that is real dangerous areas my friend :)
..but welcome to my country, i hope you like it!

Author — skanzitolove


Come to Callao, thats the real definition of danger. no foreigner would dare to go alone to puerto nuevo, san judas tadeo, los barracones, corongo, sarita .

Author — Ben Baxter


favelas? we dont call it favelas, that's a portuguese term used mostly in brazil.

Author — Edher Manuelle Cavero


Like the new logo! You should consider putting it on some shirt as a way to rasie some money for your travels! you are probably the only youtuber i would buy merch from

Author — Militaria Reviewed


Oh wow, i can't believe you are there. Lima imo is an awesome city, overlooked and with a lot to offer for all tastes! Peru is still my favourite country, specially for the food and the charming people. Text me if you're gonna visit chile. Kind regards!

Author — Eduardo Olivares


Just got back to Norway after 12 days in Lima, what an amazing city! If you have the time, go check out ‘Marcado N.28’ in Miraflores. It’s a small food court/coffe spot. Safe travels!

Author — lemast11


Disingenuous title as a local is showing you around, click-bait.

Author — Robert Tilton


I just finished watching all his Kenya videos then he uploads this. Perfect timing

Author — Logan Butcher


There are no"favelas" in Peru.
That would be Brazil.

Author — Pat Aherne


Lima one of the most underrated best city's, make sure to get your food on!

Author — Steve H


Gosh...peru is so colorful and spectacular. I wish i was there...ha..ha.

Author — B AW


From Lima, Peru ✌🏼🇵🇪 Found your channel last night hahah

Author — Ariana PG


I was in Lima in May 2019. Interesting that they have so much bureaucracies for tourists (make work for corrupt politicians). Lovely people.

Author — PoMan_911


definitely a country i would love to explore some day

Author — Aditya Rai


Great Content
Positive Influence
Happy Travels Brother



Yeah thats NOT that ghetto... Nice clickbait though!!! Native limeños would accurately tell you that SMP, Barrios Altos, COMAS, Villa Maria, some parts of SJM and VES, SJL and other slums are pretty tough!!!

Author — Oliver John


Ohhh, new country!! I love your new drone shots :D Can't wait to see your adventures in Peru!

And on a different note, your videos inspire me so much to keep travelling the world. I'm in Georgia right now (watched all your Georgia videos) and I bought a new camera so hopefully I can also start documenting and sharing my adventures!
Keep being awesome and inspiring :D

Author — Arthur Dreamer