Battle for Mosul: Iraq convoy repels IS suicide bombs - BBC News

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The BBC's Jonathan Beale witnesses militant attacks on Iraqi forces as they clear villages around the IS-held city of Mosul ahead of an advance on the city itself.

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I respect Generals that fight with their men.

Author — Georgie


really? asking if it's dangerous? you're in the middle of a goddamn warzone with soldiers on an offensive, of course his job is dangerous

Author — Gustav von Rauch


I hope Iraq finds peace soon. I hope these men are honored by people for what they did by granting them peace. I think that country has seen more war then any other nation in the last 4 decades. Its time for lasting peace without a religious divide.

Author — BigGold


Great work :-)
Protection of the Civilian's and ISIS bringing the fight to them.
They could do better if they had small intel gathering drones.

Author — Paul Wedlock


bbc stop running it down it will be over in no time isis can only fight unharmed women and children

Author — TIM RAMM


Why not talk about the suffering of civilians, such as Aleppo, and that terrorists are the good guys



Same freaking leftist report(s) by this reporter just like that in Vietnam war. Pro-Enemy, Anti-coalitions. That way, they have news to report forever. Sick !

Author — Do Muoi


Hope you all like the equipment we gave you! It's good shit, drive on and fight with honor. I feel for you as i was in Mosul in 2009. Best of luck. ISIS Killed my interpreters family. His son helped us. RIP.

Author — Mace S


I love this! Tyrion Lannister narrates!

Author — Ryan Wang


Why does the .50 cal ammo box on the M1 Abrams(tank) have korean writing on it?
Are the koreans involved with supplying them? Cause that kinda doesn't make any sense

Author — Polarwhisper6


i was suprise ammo box in tank is korean... i wonder they got it from korean base from early Iraq war

Author — oh seho


i dont remember problems with radical islam while Saddam was in charge or when Ghaddafi was in charge

Author — Charlie Harper


spot the enemy!! i imagine isis' pick-up trucks were too much force against the tanks.

Author — bill and mrs doubtfire


Criminal family Bush invaded Iraq and said to people : now you must buy my materials.

Author — ShittyGoogle+


it was nice to see the Shia flag on one of the tanks. How does the Iraqi Army plan to win over the hearts of the majority Sunni population in Mosul? Assuming they plan to.

Author — Al Primordial


Respect to the reporter for putting himself in harms way to get this footage.

Author — Gary King


BBC channel Guy impartially because of all the employees of the Sunni community and do not want to name names because Btzmyatea about Daesh originally Daesh Sneh is purely so they call the Islamic State

Author — M Iraq


the most incompetent army in the world

Author — davazno1


The Iraqi and western troops and others who are with them are going to kill Sunni civilians

Author — Sahil Bhat


the camera man and the reporter got balls....

Author — Kevin Florenz Daus