Istanbul - GameNight! Se2 Ep17 - 2014 KennerSpiel des Jahres Winner!

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Start of Game: 19:05
End Game Discussion: 1:14:55
Tonight on GameNight! we teach and show you how to play Istanbul, from designer Rüdiger Dorn and published by Pegasus Spiele and AEG, the last of the three 2014 Kennerspiel des Jahres nominees. Congratulations to Rüdiger Dorn and Pegasus Spiele for their 2014 KennerSpiel des Jahres Win!

The other Kennerspiel des Jahres 2014 nominees are:

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💬 Comments on the video

You should do a refresher with the coffee expansion. This is one of my favorites, and I think it's my wife's favorite game.

Author — Harm Weber


Hi guys, could you please elaborate on that odd German-English translation thing one of you mentioned at the beginning? Thanks.

Author — xspuipuke


I was wondering how long it would take for a ban on that joke to be made, but I didn't expect it to be in the first 10 seconds!

Author — dementomstie


Very cool play through and I like the discussion afterwards. I'm off to go play Istanbul now, and hope to implement some of what I've learnt from you guys.

Author — Adhil Patel


Also at 31: 12 Aron also should have paid Nicky 2 lira for his visit to the Tea Room !!!

Author — Luc Lemahieu


Okay even before I watch this I HAVE to know Lincon where did you get that shirt

Author — Darkest Argentum


Actually, when you move to the fountain, you can decide which assistants you pick up again, thereby creating a tactic for your next turn to go to a space with an assistant already there.

Author — Ashton Kleemann


Just saw the video and bought the game. It looks like a nice light fun game to play. Thnx for the upload.

Author — Patrick Maas


They point out to Nikki she can get the fifth gem finally!!! I've been so freakin confused why she didnt win TWO turns ago. She didnt have to got to the fountain if she went there the turn she got the green materials

Author — Chris Piasecki


At 24:10 Marc should've paid 2 lira to Nicky because he visit the warehouse were Nicky also is !!!

Author — Luc Lemahieu


ONe of the best if not the best rules explanation...simple and straightforward, plus the table banter and gameplay was fun - youve got be subbed!

Author — Nevah Giveup


15:36 am I the only one amazed by dave's shuffeling skills?

Author — comfortseeker


i love this game. I love watching you guys play!

Author — War Room


This is a pretty fun game and relatively easy to explain as well. I played it for about 7/8 times so far. But it turns out I have learned the rules wrong. I always thought you had to pay one good to roll for the jewelry on the black market. But you also get one.

Author — Sjinobi


I understand all the mechanics except how the heck movement works. >_<

Author — Chimerat


Another great video from you guys :-)

Just bought the game and came home to see if there was any reviews or game-plays about it and found that you had just uploaded your video 11 hours before, nice coincidence!

Great rules explanation from Dave (as usual), I'm definitely taking notes for my first play-through.

Author — René Boe Sørensen


Fun game and well done all. The digital version is good and is on sale for half off on Steam today -10/25/2020.

Author — SumSouuthernSugar


Collect all the Mosque cards Guys! it gets you two gems!. Always get the red card first if possible it is I know you played this years ago but very useful when rolling die next the blue to give you that extra assistant and upgrade your cart as quickly as poss to get another gem then try and grab the gems from the jeweller and the Palace while they are still cheap! I know this is an old episode

Author — Starby Ray


at 58:45 Nikki paid 2 goods too many?

Looks like a fun game.

Author — Mark Nicosia


At 1:08:48 Dave wan't supposed to trade all those resources in. That card should have been put at the bottom of the deck on his previous turn when he took the exact same action before.

Author — Tudor Ludusan