Old Friends: Kazakhstan’s Nazarbayev Reminisces About Relationship With Putin Over the Years

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Last Saturday, Kazakhstan festively celebrated the state holiday the Day of the First President of the Republic. It was established in 2012 in honor of Nursultan Nazarbayev the continuous leader of the Kazakh people for almost 30 years. On December 1st, 1991, the Republic held its first presidential elections which were won by Nazarbayev.

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I remember a clip where He refused to shake hands with Putin...

...and gave him a huge bear🐻-like hug instead! 😁

Author — Imre Kalman


Happy Anniversary, President Nazarbayev!!

Author — KnightInShiningASMR


¨Like freedom, like an open field¨. So Beautiful. Russia and Kazakhstan. Happy Aniversary!

Author — alqamarAynaka


Putin united the world, he has shown Russia is trustworthy, as the US empire falls

Author — courtney harlowe


God bless Russia and Kazakhstan I pray to god that they will unite as a one nation

Author — Isaiah Cardenas


Good neighbors always stay in peace and prosperity.

Author — Trust No Government


We could do with more words from this man. And songs. Leaders in sovereign Asian countries bring culture to the table and put to shame the filthy weasel words of Western 'Anglo' countries and their proxies in places like Ukraine.

Author — · doubleplusgood · ʞɐǝdsʞɔnp ·


Respect this old greywolf from Turkey.
I hope we can cooperate as all united Turkic countries.

Author — Hamdi Pera


I noticed that Kazakh people use also the Russian language. For instance President Nazarbayev while at United Nations gave his speech in Russian. I believe that it is a wise move by the Kazak nation to use Russian as the second language. It gives them greater exposure and access to the know how available in the powerful Russian language. Congratulations- with love from a Slavic Canadian.



Quite a stirring image, riding across the steppe, singing at the top if your lungs. He should have clarified by saying, “I told the American that WE’RE NOT WIMPS.”

Author — P Ward


President Nazarbayev is the noble Leader of the Turks. Respect to him. 𐰋𐰃𐰼 𐱃𐰣𐰼𐰢 𐱅𐰇𐰼𐰜𐰏 𐰚𐰇𐰔𐰓 𐰘𐰏𐰓

Author — Janissary_ML


Why is Kazakhstan not an economic superpower yet. They need to be.

Author — Eduard Ha


Two post-Soviet dictators. How cute /s

Author — Kazakh Doge