5 'Impossible' Things That Can Happen On Other Planets

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A lot of things happen on Earth, but there are still some things that just don't ever happen here. But, that doesn't mean that what's impossible here is impossible everywhere else in the universe. Whether it's clouds that rain rocks or glass, wind that's 29 times faster than sound, having 2 shadows or even being able to fly in some places, this is a collection of some of the most ridiculous places that we know of so far in our strange universe.

This video was done in a collaboration with Second Thought, and you can check out his video here!

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hey we found a planet! what should we name it?
*smashes head on keyboard* perfect

Author — Lax :D


Everybody’s gangsta till it rains glass


Author — Kim AMensah


“Man it’s so hot today...”

*this planet rains glass sideways*

“You know maybe it’s not so bad out today”

Author — Jake Z


Having two Shadows isn't that mad, apparently someone's never been in a room with two lights in it

Author — Cesar Joughin


“my ice is only cold :(“

-Earth 2019

Author — oh shit a rat


If we had two suns there would probably be memes about how your shadow is less lonely than you.

Author — TheCipherBoy LastName


Me: *types in 2 planet's name into PSN code section*

PSN: "50, 00$ added to your wallet"

Author — Valhalla's Rágnarök


Titan: exists

Oil companies: “it’s freezing real estate”

Author — RogueCrusader


Video: We have only 1 shadow!

Me standing in middle of two lamps: *Im 4 parallel universes ahead of you*

Author — Norky


Moon named titan exists
My brain: is that where Thanos lives?

Author — Living Being


Why are they making the planet names like a gift card code.

Author — calum hall


“Planet made 100% of water”

Oh god please don’t have reapers!

Author — Gameswithsadness


If 2 suns exist:

Antarctica: I don’t feel so good

Author — Celinqq


Titan: •has oil•

USA: *hippity hoppity this is now my property*

Author — Damian Alvarez


Imagine lighting a cigarette on Titan

The entire universe: boom

Author — Zach Alt


Titan: *has oil*

America: knock knock, its the United States

Author — TheUnpopularGuy


America: is obsessed with oil
Titan: chuckles, I’m in danger

Author — GachamationsXx


Titan: *literally exists*
America: sup bro, *heard that communism is back?*

Author — Wolfie R8


Titan: *Has oil.*
America: *Communism intensifies*

Author — Nibba TodeisHD


Titan: *has oil*

America *it's free real estate*

Author — Crystal Lized