The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier: Cyprus Dispute Explained

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A huge thank you to AP for permission to use their archive footage for free for this video.

Cyprus, NATO's unsinkable aircraft carrier. In this video I look at how the island of Cyprus became divided through ethnic conflict and Western intervention.

Starting as far back as 1571 when the Ottoman conquest changed the demographics of the island, all the way up until the 1974 invasion the Greeks and the Turks of the island never quite managed to live together in harmony. This ethnic tension was made worse by the Cold War, and Cyprus became caught up in the world of geopolitics, in which it occupies an incredibly strategic position.

A United Nations peacekeeping force has been operating in Cyprus for over 50 years - the longest running UN force of all time. Nicosia is the last divided capital city in the world. As of yet, all attempts and negotiations to solve the dispute have failed. One can only hope that the situation is solved sooner rather than later, and without any further violence.

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In this video I look at the controversial topic of the Cyprus dispute, an island split between the Republic of Cyprus and the unrecognised Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, physically separated by a United Nations peacekeeping force, that has been operating for more than half a century.

The island was temporarily divided between the Greek and Turkish communities in 1964 due to inter-ethnic violence, and the divide became more permanent in 1974 when Turkey invaded Cyprus, responding to a coup by the Cyprus National Guard (organised by the Greek military junta in Athens)

I also look at how Cyprus' strategic position in the world of geopolitics often exacerbated the already existing tension on the island, as NATO used Cyprus as a military base to keep Soviet influence at bay.

I tried to be as impartial as possible, let's try to keep the comment section civil!

Author — WonderWhy


Anytime I see something " disputed", the British are always part of it.

Author — American Marxist


"Let me introduce another country that was involved"

*United States*

me: *pretends to be shocked*

Author — bluemoon


Professor McGonagall: Why is it when something happens it is always you three?

US, UK, Russia:

Author — Ramboost007


There is a Native American saying: If two fish are fighting in a pond, an Englishman walked near there.

Author — Roz Sa


6:29 - gee I wonder which country that could be...


Author — Zack Akai


WonderWhy: "How is possible for a NATO country to Invade another soverign country"
Literally USA: Ivaded over 90 countries since WWII

Author — Alberto Z


US: helps Greece become a military dictatorship that wants Cyprus

Also US: tells Turkey to take 100% of Cyprus because the Greek Cypriots are dangerous

Turkey: *takes 30% of Cyprus*

US: no not like that, this not allowed. Stop it!

edit: I originally wrote greeks but i ment greek cypriots.

Author — Al not big gay tho


As a cypriot, thank you for describing the facts objectively.

Author — Thesos 320


You forgot to mention that the military Junta in Greece was also backed by the USA, the criminal Henry Kissinger oversaw that too.

Author — op cynical


"at the end, both side got what nobody wanted: independence"
Well, add that to the list of phrases I never thought I'll hear make sense in my life.

Author — Jorge Amado Soria Ramírez


Cyrpus capital
turkish : Lefkosa
greek : Lefkosa
all other language : NiCosiA

Author — Levent HERO


You should have mentioned Turkey actually faced an embargo mostly from the US. US didn't allow Turkey to use many American weapons, weapon parts etc which made Turkey to be create its own military industry

Author — petbabyrammus


0:03 The small island in the Mediterranean??? 😯 Are you kidding.?? Cyprus is 30 times bigger than Malta... The 3rd greatest island in the Mediterranean...

Author — Metehan Turkyilmaz


7:00 When you think Great Britain is being a jerk... America shows up again and steal the spotlight of biggest jerk once more...

Author — Name Surname


"The president of Cyprus had been a strong advocate for anuses" thank you auto-captions

Author — Belgilainen


As a Cypriot living in Northern Cyprus, all I want is peace... nothing more. I don’t want to be discriminated just because I born here. Same goes for the opposite

Author — Cemal Sonat Alicik


America has to put it's nose into everything

Author — JustSaying Entertainment


Very good representation of what happened by a Non-Cypriot; may we also add that the Greek Military Junta governing Greece had ties with the CIA....not a coincidence! Divide and rule was the master plan...

Author — Philippos E


This is hands-down the most well-researched, well-presented and objective documentary about the cypriot problem. Major props. Trust me, a lot of Cypriots, esp younger ones, can learn a lot from this. Each side presents subjective sides of the story and omits what doesn't look good for decades.

I hope we as the young generation of Cypriots can finally realize we've been manipulated from the start and try to find common ground instead of hating each other for past sins. There will always be tension, but it's up to us to try our best to live as one and not let extremists dictate our future.

Author — Rafael Economides