10 Brutal Military Trainings Only The 1% Can Do

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Some of the military drills and trainings may seem though but they're valuable to put recruits in the best shape possible. Besides the basic training of skills, some countries turn the training up a notch and here's the inspiring story of these people!

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All of the training drills that we've mentioned are supposed to build up physical and mental endurance in the soldiers that are partaking in them. No one said that joining the military would be easy, and this video is going to prove to you just how intense it can actually be.

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Would you dare try one of these trainings? 👀

Author — TheRichest


None of this compares to being married to my wife

Author — Billy Jean


The person thats made this video clearly has no idea what shes talking about.

Author — Nighthawk Dutch chameleon


🤣what a joke... Air Force gas chamber, all branches does it 🤦‍♂️

Author — Rafael Almodovar


Just confused as to why the Royal Marines nor the SAS weren't mentioned. confused.

Author — Daleyツ


Me as a kid: being in the military seems easy

Now: Oh hell nah

Author — NL bonX


Fun fact: every branch of the military has to do the gas chamber

Author — Justin Ocera


I cant believe AIR FORCE BASIC TRAINING MADE TOP 10 lol im Whoever made this video did not do their research what so ever.

Author — michael whisenhunt


"US Air Force has to go through the gas chamber"

*Shows Videos of the Army*

Author — SGTFORTY5


Yall didn't mention the Army or Marines, but you mention "US Navy and AirForce " haha?



If you brake a brick with a head, you can crush enemy's skull.

Author — Matija Ravnik


They showed coastguard boot camp when talking about sere

Author — Luke Racke


The SAS are better than any of the us's regiments and im American

SAS training is way harder awell

Author — brexit 101


Sir we have a brick wall in our way
“Fighter walks up” hold my snake blood

Author — Liltex2626 Aka electronic assassin


“Why the US Navy is made of some of the toughest soldiers in the world” *shows Marines*
Becky has no clue what she’s talking about

Author — Augustus Rayome


Navy, most tense training?

Please do me a favour, never talk about military ever again.

Author — Joe Mama


were were the french, they are one of the toughest of them
they walk through razor wire bare foot

Author — Simon Hanley


0:17 the Navy doesn't have soldiers...the U.S. Navy is built up of sailors

Author — Wylde Risco


ROFL, US Air Force was mentioned but no Army Special Forces, Rangers or Delta? They’re as good as SEALs who get a lot of the headlines.

Author — Kenji Mapes


Most brutal training----Ancient Spartan soldiers!

Author — eshan 7