Fnatic vs Vitality | Week 8 Day 2 S9 LEC Summer 2019 | FNC vs VIT W8D2

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Fnatic vs Vitality | Week 8 Day 2 S9 LEC Summer 2019 | FNC vs VIT W8D25
VIT vs FNC LEC Summer 2019 Playoffs Week 8 Day 2 - Vitality vs Fnatic lol eSports eu lcs Summer 2019.
LoL eSports S9 LEC Summer 2019 - Fnatic vs Vitality | League of Legends European Championship 2019 FNC vs VIT W8D2 VOD 1080p Full HD.
Fifth match of the day - Vitality vs Fnatic best of 1.
VIT vs FNC W8D2 full game in HD 1080p.

Fnatic Line-up:
Bwipo - Top Jayce
Broxah - jungle Lee Sin
Nemesis - mid Corki
Rekkles - ADC Garen
Hylissang - support Yuumi

Team Vitality Line-up:
Cabochard - top Karma
Mowgli - jungle Olaf
Jiizuke - mid Sylas
Attila - ADC Lucian
Jactroll - support Volibear

Patch: 9.15 - Season 9
Game Date: 10.08.2019 | 08/10/2019 | August 10th 2019
Game place: EU LCS Studio, Berlin
Casters: Vedius, Ender and Drakos

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Author — EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library


The first win for Garen in the history

Author — wad


Garen started 0-3

30mins later: "Vitality running away from Garen w/ a cat"

Author — No Game No Life


*start of match*
"Omg Garen. This is gonna be tough"
*20 min. later*
"Ok, this is just broken" 😂

Author — Kriwen


Vitality: *Team backed into a corner*

Fnatic: *Just Garen with a cat* WHY ARE YOU RUNNING!?

Author — Darkness19Z


35:38 Garen/Yuumi threatening entire team - never imagined such moment

Author — Orgil Khulan


Champ select of the LEC is more exciting then NA LCS games.

Author — Russell kirkham


you know your draft is batshit terrible when your opponents have garen and you're still outdrafted

Author — Mark Laurence de Leon


G2 Wunder: Soraka Top with smite !!
FNC Rekkles: Hold my Beer :)

Author — SwtorRo Gaming


I am a simple man
I see garen I click like

Author — Killer Assasin


The Garen and Yuumi pretty much solo-denying all of Vitality from going into the jungle at the end may be my favorite moment of this playoff season.

Author — Friendlysociopath


And this ladies and gentlemen is about as good of a Garen game as you could possibly hope for in a Pro match... like it doesn't get better than that, but that was pretty cool

Author — Aaron Best


Just saying that Fnc won with Garen

G2 didnt

Author — Benny_Pro


When you realize this is Garen's first ever win in the history of competitive lol

Author — Almighty god


legit hylissang played sooo good those heal to make jayce and garen survive with 100 hp can be soo tilting to vitality plus garen yuumi late was just broken :s garen late is already undestructable add a yuumi and u get thanos

Author — ThESPartaN


30:30 did he just run all the way through to scare Lucian under the tower?😂😂😂🔥.

Author — Abinesh Vel


Next team to go against vitality better pick garen

Author — Raphy


As a Garen enthusiast, this does put a smile on my face

Author — Ben C


I've dreamed about LCS Garen (and winning!)... To see this day... Amazing! :D
Together with full Glacier TL this is a pretty good ending of the split. ^^

Author — Stefan Glaß


Omg did anyone even understand the shout caster at the beginning of that lvl 1 invade TF. lol. Had to play it back 3 times just to catch everything he said

Author — Frank Biscello