Historian Victor Davis Hanson on why he supports Trump

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Author of 'The Case for Trump' explains his early support in the 2016 campaign on 'Life, Liberty & Levin.'

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America ur so lucky that Trump came along. & so is the free world. Stop this nonsense called globalism

Author — Pipito Paerata


One thing Mark Levin does that other hosts don't do - he lets his guests speak without interrupting them. How refreshing!

Author — Kenneth James


I wish Fox News would have Victor Davis Hanson on more. Maybe give him his own show. I could listen to him for hours. Great show.

Author — BDom


Victor Davis Hanson is what a true intelligent scholar sounds like. Unlike the majority of the hyenas in our Institutions of "high learning" today. 😞

Author — jlovera7723


I don't agree with Trump about everything but one must give him credit for being the only President in living memory to actually attempt to keep campaign promises. I'm 60 & have ever seen that before.

Author — Tim Cantrell


One of the smartest individuals. Check out his speech after Trump won.

Author — MA GA


I'm not from America but I've been fascinated by American politics and more broadly the state of the western wold since the Trumpian phenomenon. This sort of a discussion; a clear, rational, intelligent and calm interaction would never appear on cnn or msnbc. You never feel a thoughtful and genuine energy on the left wing news networks. They need a philosophical reformation. They don't think about history, culture and philosophy anymore. It's just all modern progressiveness. It's such vacuous drivel in comparison to a conversation like this.

Author — asdf asdf


Victor Davis Hanson. A voice of reason in a world of fake news and constant Trump bashing.

Author — Catherine Zoller


Hanson is a national treasure. I will definitely fork out some money for his new book, "The Case for Trump."

Author — Will to Power


You know, I used to find this type of show boring when I was younger and never thought I’d be interested. And now this is the only type of TV I watch. Love this style of interviewing

Author — P K


How sweet this man is! And he speaks the truth.

Author — ChrisVayos


Dr. Hanson is an expert on the Spartans and the Spartan wars; he has a military mind. He was my Classical Greece prof. at CSUF and is a mesmerizing speaker. He knows what he's talking about.

Author — Delphi Oracle


22 years ago I was trying to get into the states from the ravages of Africa. I was rejected by the law. I was slightly relieved because I noticed that the people had so much freedom and yet they were all on drugs and bit too out of control. I ended up in the UK.
But I am glad trump is the president and the elites have lost their footing on the top of pyramid and they are terrified

Author — Howard Petterson


That's right, Professor Davis: these people have no gratitude, and believe in tearing down the best system ever given man with no known replacement. Liberals are idiots. That said, neither are they very bright.

Author — jazz4asahel


They don't want equality of opportunity. They want equality of outcome which is a bunch of dangerous nonsense.

Author — Miss Vendetta


God ask trump to save America.
And trump is doing it with love and all his heart.
I am so happy to see that honest intelligent people feel like I do for president Trump.

Author — Jaqueline Varela


Victor Davis Hanson, a voice of logic and reason.

Author — madminute


Our great founding fathers built this country and did want equality equality of opportunity and that every man is equal it his rights not equality of outcome because they valued the individual not the group or the mob unlike today's radical left

Author — David Barton


Why I support Trump: because the Dimocrat alternatives are just SOOOO bad.

Author — ekimshield


The tip of the progressive spear is accusation/shame. All the progressives do is manufacture victims and convict the opposition of offenses. Notice all of Acosta’s “questions” are imbedded in accusation. The strategy is to force the hearer into defense mode. Thus they control the narrative. They hate Trump because it doesn’t work on him! He simply DOESN’T CARE!! Their arrows pass right through!!! We are learning.

Author — Laura Moore