Why the world is worried about Turkey

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How Turkey's president gained so much power.

-- Erdogan as important to Turkey as Ataturk, and trying to shape it in his own image as significantly as Ataturk did decades ago.
-- They’re at the opposite ends of the spectrum in their beliefs: Ataturk was a militant secularist, Erdogan a committed Islamist
-- Erdogan’s rise shows arc of Turkish history, from democracy to an ever more theocratic authoritarian state
-- This all matters because a more religious version of Vladimir Putin is now at the helm of the biggest, richest and most militarily powerful US ally in the region.

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Trump: Islam hates us.
The next day
Saudi Arabia: Free OIL
Trump: I think Muslim loves us.

Author — World On Alert


Oh you worry about religious extremism yet Saudi Arabia remains as one the "BFF"s of the west.

Author — Pinar K


Title Update : Why the United States is worried about Turkey

Author — D4rkeRR


And By the "WORLD" u mean only USA😶

Author — Usama Sikandar


some one misspelled this '' why the us is worried about turkey

Author — Ayan Dadashova


Make a video about why the world is worried about America. You'll probably have 2 hours of content

Author — ExplodingBumfluff


“Why the world is worried about *insert random country here*”

Author — Big J


USA never fights for peace it fights on peace

Author — Syed Almas


We all know that by the 'world' mean, its US.

Author — Hareez Anwar


"Peaceful protest" Pre planned by West or east....

Author — Manoj Shetty


Title is wrong. The correct title is "Why the US is worried about Turkey?"

Author — Kore D'Agosto


How's lifting the headscarf ban is a bad thing tho? Giving people back their freedom to practice their religion is going too far now?

Author — kleine fee


Make one about Netanyahu and another about the whole US!! You will get your lifetime content!! Have fun.

Author — Terribly Updated


you have a lots of lies. not tell lie for this, you looking very superficial

Author — Hahbonzai


World's most powerful states support terrorists against Turkey and they are worried about Turkey? it must be joke

Author — Fatih Albayrak


Any country trying to be a leading country and an independent country without America help
America: wait, that's illegal

Author — Abdullah Mohamed


Make a video about why the world is worried about Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict

Author — Potato Seller


5:08 i fail to see how ending the ban on wearing "headscarves" is an act of dictatorship

Author — Abdessamad Badredine


Somalia Loves Turkey and they Love us too. 2020

Author — TheLeadersTeacher


Go Turkey! I don't know well about this situation. but i can say this.Our Korean always support Turkey! We love Turkey Let's go Together! Long live!

Author — Jin