1 HOUR of Amazing Football Games

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What was your favorite game?

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0:00 Hungary vs Portugal (EURO 2016)
1:56 Tottenham vs Man City (CL)
4:59 Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2017
6:44 Liverpool vs Arsenal (League Cup)
10:08 AC Milan vs Liverpool 2005
12:43 Spain vs Netherlands (World Cup 2014)
14:18 Barcelona vs Liverpool Home and Away
17:15 Sweden vs England (Zlatan)
19:10 Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2014
21:15 Reading vs Arsenal (Comeback)
24:24 PSG vs Barcelona Home and Away (CL)
27:46 Norwich vs Liverpool 2016
30:12 Man City vs Monaco Home and Away (CL)
33:45 Villarreal vs Barcelona 2019
36:16 Tottenham vs Ajax Home and Away (CL)
37:58 Netherlands vs Germany
39:34 Germany vs Netherland (Nations League)
41:01 Wolves vs Man City 2019
43:23 Barcelona vs Sevilla (UEFA Super Cup)
46:07 Chelsea vs Bradford (FA Cup)
47:54 Sheffield Utd vs Man Utd 2019
49:29 Wales vs Belgium (EURO 2016)
51:02 France vs Argentina (World Cup 2018)
53:06 Liverpool vs Atletico 2020
55:02 Man City vs QPR 2011
58:36 Man Utd vs Arsenal 2004/05

Author — Vanemas


It lasts 59 minutes!!!! Clickbait Clickbait xd is a joke

Author — Adrián Villodre


I want to thank Vanemas, for all his effort to entertain us in this difficult times.

Author — Santiago De Mateo Garcia Parrodi


Origi is a goat every moment liverpool needs him he score

Author — Nissan YOLO


This channel cares about fans in quarantine👏👏 like if you’re watching because u miss football

Author — Sw1tchZz YT


The one hour went really fast
The best moment :

Author — Elkay Okoruwa


Therapist: Dutch singing commentator isn't real he can't hurt you.
Dutch singing commentator: 36:05



16:16 why is the person on the left celebrating when Liverpool scored a goal with a Barca hat

Author — Carlos Suarez Hernandez


20:19 Amazing game indeed but that's a disgusting dive by Neymar...

Author — Touchy Torchy


That tottenham vs city second leg was legendary

Author — Uncle Seekx


I love how after EVERY goal Barca and Argentina concede, theres a slow motion of Messi with his head down in disappointment lmao

Author — Ruizinho C


1 hour of amazing football games?...build this man a statue

Author — Grant Mordue


Man’s wearing a Barcelona cap while celebrating a Liverpool goal
*absolute plastic*

Author — Joaquin Garcia


16:15 dude celebrating Liverpool goal even tho he has a Barca hat on😭

Author — David Melo


Is it only me but in the Man city vs Spurs in the champions league the lion king song was playing

Author — ツFXRY


This is by far and away the best collection of football goals on YouTube. The quality of the production is over the top. The reviews of each goal from different angles is inspiring. Kudos.

Author — zipster53


0 minutes in: I'm doing alright
10 minutes: These games make me happy
20 minutes: I wish I had football back
30 minutes: Well now I'm just sad
40 minutes: ???
50 minutes ???
60 minutes: Profit

Author — Tarshen Naidoo


My grandchildren: wow soccer sounds fun

Me: Back in my day football was amazing

Evidence: this video

Author — TCW StrikeZ


7:25 Martinelli? Hm, never saw that one ever coming

Author — Daniel Maluenda


36:08 That commentary guy was singing 😂😂

Author — Champs' Channel