WATCH CCTV footage | Car falls off Hyderabad flyover, crushes woman below

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A speeding car came flying from a flyover and crashed into a road in Hyderabad on November 23.#Hyderabad #Accident
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Download — WATCH CCTV footage | Car falls off Hyderabad flyover, crushes woman below

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What was the fault of that lady who died?
Actually such driver should dead

Author — amit agarwal


It's my heartfelt appeal to everyone. Please consider roads a medium to reach from one point to another, not as a racing track or one's own property where one car needs to overtake another to rush somewhere. Please please please drive on the defensive, not on the offensive. Everyone is using the road to reach somewhere. Think of your safety and the safety of others, like us all commuters have families waiting at home. Don't wait for a passerby to take you to hospital, just drive on the defensive and avoid accidents. Don't consider roads the only medium to save time. Spend less time on phone and computer at home and work, spend less time getting ready, ensure adequate time to commute safely. We wait in hospitals, we wait for food at restaurants, we wait for the movie to start with multiple trailers, we wait in the line for bus and train tickets, we wait at airports for security check and check-in, we wait for our turn to pay obeisance at a temple and gurdwara. You can spend some time on the road too if that ensures the safety of everyone. Allow vehicles to pass, allow pedestrians to cross safely while minding the traffic behind you. Heartfelt appeal!!

Author — Claire J


driver took " FLYOVER " literally

Author — md sharma


1:21 u can see 40 SPEED LIMIT on flyover...and the guy driving car...was 104 km/ph...according to Drivers mistake.

Author — PRiyAnSHu RaTHoRe


cell phone driving, wrong side, signal jump and overspeed should be jailed strictly atleast for few days which are major causes of deaths of the victims and accused himself in many cases

Author — Syed fareed


Driver is nominated for the 2019 a---hole of the Year Award.

Author — bud ekins


What if it fell in front of a volkswagen showroom



Imagine if that was a balano u wont get ur body

Author — Felcia Netto


Behen ka loda kiski galti kisi aur pr bhari padi is kutte ki wjh se dusre bhi mare mout ka koi bharosa nhi kahi se bhi aa skti hai

Author — Meet B


TRANSFORMES. he forgot that car don't fly. only decepticon.

Author — omom seven seven


Mere samne hi hua tha ye accident hyd gachibowli mai

Author — amer khan


flyover bakwas hai.. Delhi me ek BHI fly over aisa Nahi h

Author — shahana 786


Centrifugal force is the reason for take off from road

Author — sa ku


He was playing Gta 5 in real life but ended up in critical condition

Author — Devil Gaming


Maruti ki janagh figo ya Hyundai ya koi bhi tata company hoti ho Sakta tha bach Jatte

Author — Tarun Saini


Morale of the video: free marketing for Nissan and Datsun Hyderabad.

Author — Kunal Mazumdar


Because of the height of the flyover wall. It was small.

Author — Muraleedharan India


kudos to that auto driver anna ..he saved that girl, pushed her aside the road..

Author — Raja mym


Isse pucho kon si race ld rhi thi y ya kitne lakh rupey per second m barbad ho rhe the iske jo isko hava se batein krni pdi jha jana tha vha pahuchne k liye

Author — sunny singh Chopra


Good day, excuse me, where was This accidént.

Author — El Frodo