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Psychics may seem harmless and fun on TV, but they can make a lot of money by exploiting vulnerable people.

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If that psychic had told Matt Lauer his dead dad said stop sexually assaulting coworkers, I’d be sold.

Author — The Florida Man Of YT Comments


So does a "medium" turn into a "well-done" when they're grilled on TV?

Author — PortCharmers


I remember driving with my mom, and we past by a psychic office that said out of business, my mom said bet she didn’t see that coming.

Author — Christina Mammolito


One time I was at a psychic thing and I said “I never got a chance to come out to my grandma before she died. I just wanna know she’s okay with that.” And the psychic was like, “she forgives you for not being able to come visit her. She knows you had a lot going on.” And I was like, “oh uh no I VISITED her every day before she died. I meant like come out as bisexual.” And that woman’s face bro. Oof

Author — Sylvia Lorson


4:52 "There is a big D in your life..." ..ok.

Author — ClemensAlive


Brains are funny. I read the “Psychics” in the thumbnail as “Physics”. I was incorrect, but I was not disappointed.

Author — Ben Crane


The funniest of debunk of all time....a psychic told Houdini that she was talking to his mom....his response, "I didn't know you were bilingual"....she said "i'm not"....his response, "thats funny because my mom didn't speak a word of English"

Author — Erik Edmonds


At 15 I thought I was having psychic dreams. I would dream something and find out later that day it actually happened. I was falling asleep to music on the radio, and it turned out the news came on about an hour before I woke up.

Author — Godless Melanisia


“4 in 10 Americans believe psychics are real”

Well, it IS America.

Author — Conor Malone


I accidentally read the title as “Physics” and got so concerned... like what the hell happened to physics?

Author — Brandon


I love the Dad who communicates from the afterlife to let his daughter know she has a scar on her foot. Like thanks for that indispensable information, Dad. Any other priceless nuggets of wisdom from beyond the grave? Is the sky blue?

Author — Dylan Kelk


The second-hand embarrassment of the psychics being wrong nearly killed me

Author — SammietheAverageGirl


Amanda Berry.... One of the three women who were held captive for 10 years.... used to love watching Sylvia Brown with her mom. She actually watched an episode of a talk show while kidnapped where Sylvia was a guest and Amanda's mother was there to get a reading. Amanda was elated that Sylvia was going to tell her mother she was still alive. Then she watched in horror as Sylvia told her mother she was long dead and gone... Never coming back. She knew because Amanda's spirit came and told her so. Her mom was so devestated and Amanda was so angry she ever believed in her. These people do real damage to people already suffering. It should be illegal....

Author — Levi Blevins


You don't see psychics winning the lottery for the same reason you don't see faith healers working in hospitals.

Author — Jevon Piper


I remember my dad losing keys or something and actually called a psychic for help. They told him "They're somewhere dark." I still laugh about it today. _Dark?_ like because it's nighttime? It's in the shadows? How very insightful.

Author — Myles


"There's not really a whole lot else going on" is a statement that in a single year aged like fine wine.

Author — Joe Taylor


"Celebrity pet psychic" has got to be the most ridiculous job description since "Sausage processing circus clown"

Author — TheHighNoonSaloon


I went to a psychic and she told I was going to have a baby in the near future.

I was 16.

And a virgin.

Author — Caroline Cooke


My ex boyfriends mum was a “psychic” and she told me all about cold reading. She was pretty open with me about her scamming people.

Author — Lauren Walker


a midget soothsayer escaped from prison - headlines read: small medium at large

Author — phishfearme2