Graham calls out FBI, demands answers on Roger Stone raid

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South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham calls on the FBI to explain its heavy-handed raid on Roger Stone's home. #Hannity #FoxNews

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The corruption is beyond out of control in all parts of the government. Everyone is lying steeling and cheating the American people they are supposed to be serving

Author — Game Bred Duramax


FBI out of control.... clean out top or stop funding. Stop wasting my tax dollars paying traitors.

Author — ron Richardson


These tactics are abuse of authority and or the law! DOJ is a joke across the board. There is no justice. Graham can say what he wants he will do nothing like always and Muller will continue to get paid large to ruin people's lives.

Author — Ralph Sedore



Author — John Mclaughlin


I find it Ironic that the FBI was tipped off multiple times about the Parkland school shooter and done nothing; but go after Roger Stone with a 30-man force armed with AR 15’s, and air support knowing all along he would have surrendered himself to the authorities under his legal counsels advice. Another good example of how F-ed up our government is.

Author — Jeff 2121


when they going to the Hillary house with nets and how ya catch VERMIN.

Author — Capt Dave's Sport Fishing


Totally agree. Rino's who don't support the president, will get fired. What we need in Alaska is a way to stop the fraud that happens whenever L. Murkowski runs. She and the unions stole the election the last time she ran. We will work twice as hard this time around.

Author — Marnie AK


so tired of hearing about all the good people in the rank and file of the fbi. good people do not participate in such things. they are all corrupt. abolish the fbi and give their responsibilities to the us marshals service

Author — Don T


Hillary Clinton has been lying to our country for decades and she is still free amazing

Author — Rich Lewis


And they wonder why we think there is a deep state.

Author — Mr. Mr.


Well, you know, Stone might have had "weapons of mass destruction"🇺🇸 TRUMP20 🇺🇸

Author — Ray Wild


Someone needs to lose their job in the FBI over this! Rogue FBI CIA😠

Author — Bill King


Somebody pls tell hannity to shut up and let his guests talk.

Author — Larrys Outhouse-Fiesta


*Gestapo tactics, to send a clear message, that if you go against the Leftist narrative, you'll get the same.* This is still the United States, right?

Author — Iam N.


The FBI continues to prove they are CORRUPT. We use to have men with honor in the FBI. I've seen 1, only 1 with a moral compass that put America ahead of his paycheck. Then the compleately corrupt FBI raided his house while he was under whistle blower protection. Imagine for just a minute if liberals joined Trump and conservatives in rooting out the rampant corruption

Author — chrisflach69


The so called raid on Stone's residence was publicity stunt (so you guys need a full swat team with tact gear and m4's to arrest a senior citizen with no weapons- give me break...It takes maybe two agents at most to go and collect a person who doesn't pose a threat...); even the FBI tipped off CNN... And people wonder why we cannot trust Mueller's so called 'investigation'- the entire point of an investigation is to 'find' evidence of wrong doing NOT 'create' evidence of wrong doing which is what the Mueller's team is actively doing the get go. The entire Russia collusion involvement with Trumps election team is a joke- what isn't a joke is Hilary's connection to the Uranium Russian deal and how much money the Clinton foundation received for 'pay for play' when she was SOS. Why hasn't Clinton been indicted yet??

Author — Obi-Wan Kenobi


The Dems, through the FBI, are worse than Stalin's Russia. Smarten up people!

Author — Live Free or Die


When a pregnant woman is killed it counts as "two" homicides. Will be interesting to see how the courts handle this new decision in NY. They can't have it both ways, which will really upset the prosecution's case(s).

Author — Jackie Kester


Took 12 Soldiers to get Osama, but 27 Agents for an unarmed guy who has a tat of Nixon on his back. Keystone Cop Mueller is totally drunk with power.

Author — Akin Dele


I like Roger Stone's point that if he was so dangerous as to warrant a tactical SWAT-style arrest, then why would they would allow the media to be any where in the vicinity. A stray bullet from a desperate, cornered senior citizen wearing slippers and a sleeping cap might have hit one of those CNN "journalists" in the head, and then so much for their big scoop.

Author — mark haas