Exploring IHLARA Valley Cappadocia - TURKEY’S Grand Canyon

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We were told not to miss a hike in Ihlara Valley before we left Cappadocia. We had a lovely walk through a very impressive green valley enjoying the nature, cooler air and nature.

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Travel vlog 327 | Ihlara Valley Cappadocia | Country 30/197

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💬 Comments on the video

There's a lot of negative press around Turkey and her people but you are dispelling those fears wonderfully. The turkish people are super friendly. Thanks for sharing

Author — The Happy Wanderers


I'm so glad that you guys were able to continue your trip in Turkey after the pandemic. Keep enjoying the beautiful places this country has. Ihlara Valley is one of my favorite places.

Author — Bery Istanbul Tips


What a beautiful place to be stuck during this madness. I'm sad cos it's affecting the Turkish people's livelihoods due to lack of tourists but happy that you are able to explore in such peaceful areas. I went to Dalyan which was amazing from the delta to the turtle beach and I highly recommend it to visit if you can The Turkish people are amazing and I will never forget there hospitality. Enjoy your time.

Author — Andrew Smith


You two should be an inspiration to many. I mean that. I personally know people who always complain about having "nicer things" here in the USA. More, more, and more. Never enough. They go on vacation for a couple of weeks a year to create memories, yet they have the means to make abundant memories and yet choose to live based on the false premise of materialism. Every day is an adventure for you two. I hope people start to realize in these times that there is more to life than what you own. Thanks again for your videos. I don't live under the false pretense that every day of your journeys is "perfect" - but I would imagine that the good outnumber the bad (by a wide margin).

Author — Ari


Your Turkish is really coming on, guys! Well done! Love the "Oh, you're still there!" routine at the end 😁😅🤣😂 I hate it when the vlogs end but this softens the blow a bit until the next episode 🥰🧿❤

Author — Maudelicious


I’m sitting here in cold Ireland, binge watching your episodes..`it’s like a Netflix series!! You give so much information about travelling..My husband and `I are planning to travel around Europe in 2022!! The kids have flown the nest and we’re ready to have adventures now!! Thank you for your wonderful vlogs. ☘️👏🍀

Author — Linda Rooney


Looks wonderful and the restaurant/s in the river are so cool.

Author — Steve Terrey


Probably one of the most interesting travel shows on you tube at the moment

Author — mike herbert


Myself ( Turk ) and the Wife ( Irish ) started watching your videos recently and we are loving it 😊 Especially the videos in Turkey. I am a Turk and even I never been in those places 😊 You are doing a great job for advertising our country and people. The Turkish government should reward you for that. Thank you guys, looking forward for more nice videos 😉👏

Author — Cengizhan Takkalı


Hiya guys just starting to watch your latest videos and thought you were meaning you were at Ulubey canyon just outside Uşak in the middle of the country. Konya is a good place to visit too where you can see the history of the whirling dervish.Turkish language is coming along nicely too by the time you move on you should be completely fluent.

Author — Lisa Sunderland


Other than a few scenes at beaches I don't think you've been in any crowded places in your videos. You always park by yourselves and are the only customers in any park, restaurant or cafe. I hope Turkey succeeds in attracting more tourists.

Author — Peter Risbergs


Hello to you both from sunny Suffolk. I am loving watching all your travels and am especially loving Turkey which has a very special place in my heart as been travelling there for 25+ years. Lived in Kalkan in the late 90s for two summers with no air con or fans in the apartment. Got told to put clothes in the fridge and it worked. Cool shower at night and drape sarong from fridge over us and stayed cool enough to be able to drop off to sleep. Am working my way through your previous videos and countries too and thoroughly enjoying them. Its fabulous to look at wonderful places i've visited as well as new ones i'm putting on my to do list. Can't wait till your next installment and thanks for always making me smile when I get a notification of another video. Watching this one between my last two night shifts as can't wait till rest days 😁. You guys are just great.

Author — maxine l


You guys bring joys wi5h every video .... love you from London 🇬🇧💕🇬🇧💕🇬🇧💕🇬🇧💕

Author — لولو الصغيره


Love your videos you guys are fun and informative to made a mistake LOL and showed my Turkish husband your videos. He said how come when we visit Turkey you never want to drive...look at Marianne she does all the driving!!! Well I’m Canadian and you were born there so I don’t want to miss anything and just look around. Thanks again for your

Author — Ele Lemon


Before watching l give like first, because l know
How beautiful video 😍

Author — Dapper Lounge


Awesome places, have to watch it several times . I so love the fun way that Chris always ends the video, it tickles me ...so cute!!!! 💗😜and I adore Marianne, love all the great video footage, Turkey "rocks". Thank you for inspiring me to enjoy my Sunday so much more😃

Author — Elke Pool


I have lived in Turkey (Antalya) for twenty years and have explored this amazing country all over. It always makes me sad that some tourist come here, stay in their hotels and never leave them. There is just so much to see here and so many chances to find the real Turkey.

An example of how widespread the beauty is here, yesterday me and my brother in law, who is Turkish found a lake, just twenty minutes from my home. I had lived here for years without even knowing it was there. 😊

Author — Michael Yeovil


i love how they are ending their videos with little jokes ! :)

Author — Course Provider


your turkish pronunciation is on point!

Author — Alperen Erol


Sensational video, guys. İlhara Valley is new to me but I’ve now added it to my Turkey bucket list. Thanks.

Author — Graham Hedges