Why Conflicts in Armenia and Other Former Soviet Republics Are Testing Russia's Power | WSJ

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From unrest in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan to the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, WSJ explores how the crises unfolding in Russia’s backyard mark a turning point in Vladimir Putin’s rule and put him at risk of losing influence in the former Soviet Union. Video/Photo Composite: Michelle Inez Simon

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The narrator should have a sleep before narrating

Author — Tshaw Tshi


Xi Jinping has a bored resting face. He looks like he rather be somewhere else.

Author — Chokto Barana Nikto


Selling weapons to both sides like Russia wants that war to be over

Author — Trekmaster Flex


1% Actually watching the video diligently
99% Scrolling through the comments

Author — Raptorex History


CEO of call of duty has new story for COD 6 for next

Author — Gusti Gema Mahardika Brata


"Russia is taking a hands off approach" thats what they want you to think lol

Author — Olivia Green


Russia is still seen as the big brother, hence Putin have to play that role. That's why boris Yeltsin was so happy for him to take over, Yeltsin had confidence in no one else.

Author — Windell Brown


One question: why is the comment section of all videos addressing politics such a chaotic mess? It's actually depressing

Author — 757576 314


My younger daughter used to address that by “because”

Author — Serdar Yagshim


I agree, traditionally speaking, the Russian state is supposed to secure these CIS countries.

Author — Shahan Sindhi


This seems like a topic for Caspian report.🏁

Author — Curtis Carpenter


If Russia is so weak, why US still need their presence at Russian borders?

Author — Juliette N


Kyrgyzstan has only 6.4 millions people, but there are more than 5000 NGO in that country. It's hard to avoid conspiracy theory.

Author — Cory Plum


The “Russians did it” cliché is the Western Media classic.

Author — Kaywen Li


6:09 soldier on the left looks more like somebody who has broken into the base and is pretending to be a soldier for a laugh rather than a real soldier lol

Author — craig h


This was relatively unbiased. Well done. Can we have more content like this? So refreshing when you take out the biases from it

Author — Mr DooX


These commentators they don't know what to say to make Russia and Putin look bad.

Author — C.J. Afolabi


Flawed election
Local riots
#USA whoever wins the election keep your act straight. Or else other countries might move in.

Author — Vishal Kurien


Change is coming sooner then they expected .☠️👌

Author — OG/PL//Boogieman Gonzo


France influence the war bye supporting Armenia

Author — Dynamic Bangla News