When (And How) Will Pro Sports Return?

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When NBA star Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus in early March, it set off a chain reaction of professional sports cancellations, the likes of which the country has never seen. Now, three months later, sports are slowly beginning to come back, although for fans, athletes and owners, things will never be the same. Watch this video for a timetable of how pro sports shut down, and how they’re reopening now.

The National Basketball Association has approved a plan to reopen its season after suspending games due to Covid-19, the league announced.

The NBA held its board of governors’ vote on Thursday where officials moved to restart games using 22 teams in a closed environment in Orlando, Florida. The decision was made in a 29-1 vote. League commissioner Adam Silver submitted the proposal last week.

The plan calls for players to begin traveling to Orlando on July 7, and for the season to resume on July 31. Each team will play eight regular season games before entering a full four-round playoff bracket. The season will end no later than Oct. 12 and the NBA draft is scheduled for Oct. 15.

The proposal needs to be approved National Basketball Players Association, and is also contingent on an agreement with Disney to use Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando as the location for all games, practices and housing for the remainder of the season.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association are negotiating details concerning safety guidelines.

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How Pro Sports Leagues Plan To Make A Comeback During A Pandemic

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All sports gamblers now gambling in the stock market.

Author — Financial Shinanigan


Draftkings shareholders would really like to see sports return asap.

Author — Metacognition88


Smh they use a soccer stadium for the thumbnail but didn’t mention soccer at all during the whole video.

Author — Marcos Martinez


Just think of it this way. Look at all the money the average fan is saving. These people don't really do anything anyway.

Author — Djam2016


Am I the only one that's been seeing these crowds at protests. The numbers still have not spiked. I think it's time to move on with our lives.

Author — Dakota M


“When will real sports return” ... Guys tune in, Motorsports are rolling loud!! It’s a sick high intensive sport. Worth watching!

Author — Kilikai Ahuna


Fans can’t go to games, high school kids can’t play sports. Sports used to be an escape from the day day B S. When one player gets a contract for 300!million, something wrong.

Author — Jon Kline


Soon, after they have installed glass panels around every seat in the stadium

Author — Ah Zai


I use to watch some football, but l’ll be doing different things from now on.

Author — Charles M Rinehart


Sports betting is allowed by United States July 1, 2019. Notice how when we allowed sports betting, God took sports away. Think about it. Those old folks weren't just superstitious.
The new law -- one that permits statewide mobile sports betting without any brick-and-mortar anchor -- has an effective date of July 1, 2019.

Author — Jeff Taylor


Having proof of vaccination for sport. I like this.

Author — Sam


Yeah Life stopped for a lot of us
when our Favorite Sports were Suspended or Cancelled.

Author — Anew-Wiseman


6:44 before the video actually gets to "When (And How) Will Pro Sports Return?"

Author — Scott Davies


Easy, insightful, subtle and overwhelming. The atmosphere is touching, comfortable and pleasant, let the mood relax, the songs are praised

Author — Romantic Hindi Songs


Things have changed a lot since this was produced

Author — Philip Haylock


When they dont talk about much soccer :(

Author — Jose Padilla


Since they've gone political I've given up on all of them.
Old Western movies and shown are good enough for me.

Author — westbender 820


A change of baseball when multiple people touch one.
How is that any difference then before?
It like after every play and every pitch, they get a new one.

Author — Saul Goodman


They left out the XFL discontinued season

Author — 308328928


If you can protest in the streets by the thousands we can have live sports

Author — Nate Medeiros