A Tribe Called Quest - Motivators

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Off the ATCQ's fourth album, Beats, Rhymes and Life from 1996, Featuring Consequence

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They just had the awesome beats with a jazzy feel. This track rocks hard. Tribe will go down in history as one of the greatest hip hop groups ever. Time will tell.

Author — Stevie Debe



That is my favorite verse of this album. The Tribe kicks a billion asses at once!

Author — Bigfilmhat


My favorite is Low End theory, but Mauraders is my second favorite

Author — Rebel RaS


Just love.love.love this song for real.

Author — rushjackson


Yall stop complaining about the vibe of this album!! Its amazing! 2nd fav tribe album. Midnight marauders is 1st. 2nd fav hiphop albums in my book but they had to make the album more darker. It was 96!! I mean hell on earth by mobb deep came out 5 months after this! They couldnt make musical of the low end and peoples insti tive anymore. Hiphop after midnight basically went hardcore ever sence black moon and wu tang came out. That was it! I still love this shit and i was only 2 months old when

Author — DaOldSchoolRapLova96


@peter91783 - OF COURSE MAN !!
another classic

Author — zevlovex222


im completely blown away by this track

Author — jermain703


@joysticklover easy there homie....we all got opinions and this was still a solid album, but better than "The Low End Theory" OR Midnight Marauders??? Gotta disagree, but still a great album, they could do no wrong. Best group ever.

Author — TheCardsfan2


beat, rhymes & life is a very worthy Tribe album, i still enjoy it. It's not a 90 - 94 album and less darker than the previous albums but absolutely has the tribe funk.

Author — Ammer Reduron