Hurricane Dorian batters Bahamas with severe flash floods and ferocious wind

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The storm has stalled over the Bahamas, lashing the islands with wind, rain and storm surges, and killing at least five people. Thousands of homes were inundated with floodwater as rescue operations tried to reach stranded residents, many trapped on roofs. Dorian has now weakened to a category-2 hurricane but expanded in size as it heads towards the US.

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Omg its horrible. My heart breaks for these people

Author — Joan Ridgeway


This brings tears to my eyes . My prayers are with the folks of the bahamas.

Author — israel nieves


Hurricane Dorian just make landfall and that was a category 5 Hurricane in the Bahamas

Author — Joshua Cobb


I feel sad/frustrated/stressed for these people, just like previous hurricanes and tornados, many will lose home, become homeless, need to fix problems the storms cause, alot of money, people die, ect. People also lose family members and the loved positions like cars, furniture, tvs, watches, tech, computers, dogs, ect

Author — Benjamin Mathew


48hrs of constant pounding? Poor people! OMG

Author — Marisa Miller


Heartbreaking, I'm very sorry. People stay strong! I live in Puerto Rico and suffered the monster hurricane Maria...you can get over this, I know you will! 🙏🏻💪🏻❤️🌈☀️

Author — Mika Mika


And thus we start to see it. We all knew this will be terrifying. Because days have passed without hardly any footage getting out while having the eye-wall of a cat 5 hurricane staying put. Just making sure that the small islands having sustained 150 mph winds (and storm-surge and torrential down-pour) from northerly to easterly to southerly directions.

Author — glacier activity


I’ve never experienced a hurricane but damn 0:43 looks scary as hell

Author — User name


Omg the flood is very high since I dont really know how to swim I would drown if I was there

Author — spongebob meh


Hey everyone! As a Bahamian it warms my heart to see your outpouring of support. The Northeastern Bahamas has never seen such a deadly storm. If you are in a position to please donate to a charity to help us rebuild. So many of my fellow Bahamians have lost everything. Putting my pride aside help us rebuild our beautiful islands!

Author — Daniel Green


1:10 Looks very scary here hope you safe

Author — leonzo white


I’d just like to mention that a user by the name of “ Chrome Dome” finds this video funny.
He has now withdrawn his post due to the grief he has just got from myself and others.
If anyone knows of, or sees this worthless human on any other videos, please give him my regards.

Author — Tricky Subject


wait... Dorian is crawling towards the US... I LIVE IN THE US!!

Dear lord,
Please protect tons of people in the bahamas who are struggling

Author — ʚ mirukii ɞ


The amazing power of nature and devastation on people who live there.

Author — actorzone


Most devastating thing I've ever seen in my life

Author — Itz Sytche


Welcome to another episode of
*Why is this in my recommendation*

Author — Lalrinengi chhakchhuak


Also, it should go like this. The Feds build you a new house ONCE. If it happens again, and you are still there, it should suck to be you. But the feds just keep rebuilding and rebuilding.

Author — James O'Connor


My heart goes to the victims suffering from this hurricane ❤️❤️😔😔😔

Author — Joejo Weber


This is So Horrific
.... Sending My Prayers to the Bahamas.

Author — Karen Wright


"Dr. Jones...

I see there is nothing you have in which I cannot take away".

Hollywood is next.

Author — Lets Roll 2020