The struggle of bus travel in Turkey - Istanbul to Selçuk

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Hello everyone, in this video we travelled from Istanbul otogar (main bus station) to Selçuk in Izmir province.
Currently there's a lockdown on weekends for the locals and residents but this doesn't apply to tourists so since we were done with Istanbul we decided it was time to move to our next destination, it happened to be on a weekend and we thought this journey was going to be easy and smooth but it wasn't really easy.
We had to check out from our hotel in Istanbul at 12pm so we grabbed something to eat before leaving the hotel and headed to the otogar main bus station which is 10km away from sultanahmet area, we took public transportation and when we arrived to the bus station we went through our 1st police check point, they asked us to see our passports and where we were going, after we answered they let us go wishing us a safe trip.
We manage to buy a bus ticket not to selcuk but to Izmir 70km away so we thought once in Izmir we would be able to find buses going to selcuk right? - Wrong.
Our bus from istanbul to Izmir was saturday night 11pm, we spent the whole afternoon waiting for our bus on the bus station, many places to grab some food were open. As we were sitting on the waiting room we went through our 2nd police check, this time 4 police officers came to us and asked the same things - passport and where we were going, after checking we were tourists they wished us a safe trip and carried out with their work.
We arrived in Izmir at around 8am sunday, upon arrival we realised everything on the bus station was closed literally everything, we walked around and there was nobody to ask questions, and this is when a police officer spotted us and came to talk to us. We explained where we wanted to go and with his poor english we said there was no buses on the weekends so our best option was to go by train but to get to the train station we needed to use either a taxi (which is usually very expensive) or we could take a city bus but for that we needed to buy a card, all of this was sounding very confusing to us specially after 8 or 9 hours on an overnight bus but we were whiling to try but the police officer probably realised we were not going to make it on our own we sent another police officer to help us out to buy the pass for the city bus and to show us where the bus stop was. This was the best that could ever have happened and we can't thank these police officers enough.
After being on the city bus we needed to figure out where we needed to get out, we tried asking the bus driver but the poor man couldn't understand what we were saying and again another kind soul stepped up and told us to follow him as he was going to the train station and he would show us where to go.
We are 100% sure if it wasn't for the kind souls we encounter we wouldn't have make it to Selcuk and we would be so frustrated.
We have leant our lesson and next time we are going from A to B we will go on a weekday to avoid these struggles, in a way we are glad we did this because we got to see how kind and helpful Turkish people are.


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You are in one of my fav country to visit. Take care bro. Hopefully i will come to visit turkey someday. 💪😉

Author — Taufiq Khan 🇲🇾🇹🇷🇵🇰


The Turkish people especially the police are very helpful The weather must be cold especially in winter Take care guys

Author — HB S


The bus looks super comfy! And looks like you got airplane-like services too 👌😃

Author — apple pie


When i was there, almost every policeman i bumped into looked like male model. I think they have a certain requirement to get into the police force, where looks are concerned..

Author — Iced Caffe Latte


Haha the police officers were friendly! The bus ride look superrrniceee!

Author — MR Journey


OMG !😃 all their policemen are so good looking 👍😚 and very helpful to tourists too. Both you n Christiana are so down to earth n respects the country's culture hence along your journey, you both are always blessed with helpful people.🙏✌️💞

Author — Lilian Pua


Handsome the policemen... I miss Istanbul...

Author — Haslindda Mohamad Sainan


A good example!!! Respect the Adzan . Seljuk....wow

Author — Johari Mohd Salleh


So many helpful people. Keep safe and healthy.

Author — Diane Greig


So happy to see the Turkish people so helpful. Was your selection of the bus company a random pick, based on reviews or else? Stay warm guys!

Author — Thirstytraveler41


If you traveled during weekend, police might check your name and pasports because all country was in lockdown and it is forbidden to walk outside if you are turkish. just tourist can travel and they need to check it you are tourist or not.

Author — Hasan Bal


you call that bad experience??
those cops were cool !!!😃

Author — Francesco Delvino


They are so kind... Have fun guys... Salam and hi from malaysia.. 🇲🇾

Author — Ardy Black Tv


U guys inspired us to be a traveller...We learn many things when travel

Author — Hamdan Soyuz


Thanks for bringing us along throughout your journey...stay safe be safe....god blessed both you

Author — Deffenie Teh


alhamdulillah, thank god all of you are safe. your title made me worried.

Author — dzulkar9umar


I can hear the adzan 👍🥰
Nice to know u respect the adzan.

Author — fedilia majid


The police were friendly and helpful. When I see the title of the video, I thought both of you had a rough time during the police check. So your name is really Christiana Ronalda. When Joao introduced you during the video on Terengganu FC, I thought he just made it up to make it sound like Cristiano Ronaldo. 🇵🇹

Author — Judy Oh


Very helpful people there! 😊 l'm waiting patiently for the next video about Selcuk. Greetings from Malaysia. Stay safe Yana and Johan. ❤

Author — Take Me Somewhere Nice


Very strange to see both of you in another country, always seeing you guys in Malaysia drinking teh tarik, or eating nasi ayam or kayu keramat, ha2, safe travel ya

Author — Rahibullah Nordin