9 Days - From My Window in Aleppo

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Winner of the European Short Film Award at the European Film Awards. In August 2012, Syrian photographer Issa Touma awoke to the dawn of the rebel uprising in the city of Aleppo. He spent the next nine days holed up in his apartment, filming the emerging civil war outside. Subscribe to journeyman for daily uploads:

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"It's 8:15 AM", says Touma, recording the morning sky and fading moon through his window, on a day that signalled a turning point for life in Syria's largest city. "Strangers take position in my street.” he says, “they look unprepared, without any kind of war experience". Young men in t-shirts, resembling students more than fighters, drag sandbags into a blockade below Touma's window. A rebel appeals by loudspeaker to a regime soldier, "leave your post and come to us!". He is answered by the sound of gunfire. Touma's raw commentary and eye for photographic detail give an unprecedented glimpse into the beginnings of a war that rages to this day.

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You can just tell from the “soldiers” posture and the way they are holding their weapons that they have no idea what they are doing. It takes a brave soul to fight a war without any training and limited equipment. These poor people

Author — Daniel Bowens


Crazy how adaptable we are as humans. He's still calm, still polite, yet the world is exploding outside his window.

Author — thegreendank1


If you live in a place where there is no war, thats a whole one reason to be grateful about life.

Author — KOD


"I dont want to film war anylonger." That hits hard.

Author — Hey hoe


this dude really just vlogged a freaking war right outside his window

Author — Sebbies


“The safest place in my house is the sofa in the kitchen.” This man if a fucking legend he has a sofa in his kitchen and he’s recording a war at the same time.

Author — I am Not a person


I'm from syria and i lived all those things and my uncle died fighting against those animals called ISIS
I'm still in syria but in a save city i feel bad for Aleppo people

Author — Ali Yousef


I will never complain about noisy neighbours again..

Author — BMWm6e63


5:10 - people shooting like sick fucks outside but our guy is chilling and watching CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY

Author — Alex Kara


Meanwhile Cardi B is crying because she's eating cereal.

Author — CHEDtsu


“This will go on for a long time” is an understatement. This was originally filmed in 2012. 9 years later the war is still ongoing.

Author — Brandon Howard


The part where they dragged the dead guy must have hit hard for the dude recording.

Author — Keyo Abrigo


This was recorded in the peaceful days compairing to the next days and months and years....

Author — أحمد عبود


Imagine how important this video is going to be in 2090 when kids are reading about this Civil War

Author — ZZ Clips


I cry everyday thinking people forgot about this, but here we are...guess not everyone. I am glad someone shared our story and people actually listened.

Author — myself shooq


I grew up like this, I never want to experience it again. Fucked up world we live in. Take care.

Author — Kita


As my father told me, “never judge a man til you spend 9 days in his window.”

Author — Davinator_peepo


He summed up all the propaganda surrounding this war in a few sentences speaking about day 9.

Author — K S


RIP all, who didn't want to take part in war, but died because of it.

Author — Bardinheart


This man deserves a medal for showing what its really like for these people because the news never shows what's its really like I am very happy he survived and hopefully one day he can leave hes home and start a new life some where better and more peaceful

Author — jacob wilson