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One of the best known political consultants in America and star of Netflix documentary Get Me Roger Stone, Roger Stone served as a senior advisor to Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. Prior to this, he worked for Presidents Nixon, Reagan, George H. W. Bush and dozens of other candidates since the 1970’s. He went on to co-found the infamous firm of Black, Manafort & Stone. Roger Stone is a former National Chairman of the Young Republicans and author of controversial attack ads and media strategies on opposing candidates. A New York Times best-selling author, Mr. Stone is no stranger to controversy and dark-arts campaign tactics.

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Dear Mr. Stone, I am from Europe and you have been my most respected guide through the 2016 US primaries and the unique outcome of it and as an Eorpean I am still no less interested in listening to every word you speak so eloquently. Dear Roger, I cannot withold myself from stating publicly (which is not prudent) that this OxfordUnion-speech you gave recently was not only excellent it was MOST EXCELLENT indeed; I have been listening with eyes closed and been listening well. Dont'believe all theory ! Follow the truth. May not only your grandchildren but your nation as well, be proud of YOU long after this lifetime is over. As you rightfully stated so from your vast experience: in politics even a month or two weeks can be a lifetime. Thank you Mr. Stone for your insight and speaking out your unique way.

Author — Hans van de Griend


"Get me Roger Stone!" That's what Bob Muller said hahah

Author — Javier Puerto


Great guest Oxford Union, nice to see the members of the Union are not afraid to book outspoken figures

Author — klevisoketchup


Its the stone cold political animal Oxford Union always a bastion for free & equal speech. You are a credit to the UK & you show what it should be about on the world stage!!!

Author — Akash G


"There is no Karl Rove in Trumpworld" - that says so much.

Author — Biffalo Bull


Nice to see the left are getting upset about the words he used (African American ) not P.C you know. Not the fact that there are now slave markets operating in Libya

Author — simon j


I know Roger has alot of detractors but I think he's a class act and has some balls.

Author — JEFF RICE


My goodness. Truth always come forth, it is now june 2019 and yes, that truth is coming out. John Durham is on the move!

Author — Linda T


"African Americans being sold as slaves" lolwot, I think you mean Africans there Roger.

Author — Chris Nixon


Anyone who has tried to speak coherently for an hour like this, with little or no script, knows how hard it really is. Roger is incredibly articulate and intelligent.

Author — Robert Palmer


Well done Oxford for not rioting to prevent the free speech of someone whose evidence goes against the mainstream narrative.
There'll always be an England: The template land of the free and home of the brave.

Author — Socks With Sandals


Great balanced perspective from roger. Refreshingly no waffle or question avoiding. Succinct and pertinent - a class act.

Author — Chris Tomkinson


Roger Stone is a beast. This was Feb it is now Sep. He was on the mark then and now.

Author — Bob Coleman


I love the Oxford Union. And get me the artful roger stone . Lol. He is awesome.

Author — john gibbs


Like him or not he's right, and people simply don't like hearing the truth. Debate is debate and you won't learn anything just talking to yourself all day long!

Author — Gazza



Author — o


"If you do not have a border you do not have a nation." Is that lesson being learned in formerly Great Britain? Rome found that lesson to be true.

Author — R. Blakehole


When you've reached a point in politics as a political strategist where you're a "Get Me Roger Stone" - esque figure, you've made it. Great insight!

Author — WokeMyG


I think Roger Stone made a slip at 16:15. He said "African Americans" sold as slaves in Libya; I think he just meant Africans.

Author — Hercule Holmes


this aged well.

Author — AJ