Insider Trading And Congress: How Lawmakers Get Rich From The Stock Market

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CORRECTION (October 21, 2020): A previous version of this video mischaracterized the investment returns from one study. They should have been characterized as basis points.

In spring 2020, four U.S. senators faced accusations of using insider knowledge about the coronavirus crisis to sell off hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock. A couple of months later, the investigations into senators Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), Dianna Feinstein (D-CA), and James Inhofe (R-OK) were closed. Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) stepped down as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee amid the allegations.

Congressional insider trading has long been a hot button issue, and lawmakers continue to look for a way to put an end to the practice. In 2012, the STOCK (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge) Act was passed following allegations of insider trading before the 2008 financial crisis. However, experts say the law didn’t go far enough. Watch the video to find out how prevalent insider trading is in Congress and what’s being done, and what’s not being done, to stop it.

UPDATE (December 1, 2020): With the U.S. presidential election over, attention is shifting to runoff elections for Georgia’s two senate seats slated for Jan. 5, 2021. Incumbent Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue each face allegations of insider trading and possible violations of the STOCK act based on their investment decisions at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s how insider trading works when it comes to members of Congress, and what’s being done to curtail the practice.

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Insider Trading And Congress: How lawmakers Get Rich From The Stock Market

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Remember these guys voted for us to receive a $600 stimulus check

Author — rustin pierce


Don't expect the people making the laws to be in a rush to limit their power.

Author — a campbell


“Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook.”

― Harry Truman

Author — Gary Powell


So law makers work for themselves not the people who put them in office? shoooocking....

Author — Avid Hiker


No way in hell Congress should be able to vote on matters that concern our economy when they have a personal interest. They should not have that power. That's why they're so corrupt now.

Author — Teniecha C


What they're doing with those trades can not be more clear.

Author — Zhong Zeng


bruh a low level fed employee would be in jail for this crap. This needs to apply to president, vp, & judges as well.

Author — ThaRealERAQ


Oh to have the answers to the test even just one day early...

Author — allthesamesongs


Everyone knows there are 2 different sets of rules in the US- one for lower and middle class taxpayers and one for upper class rich and powerful.

Author — Manic Geno


She picked Citrix over Zoom 😂😂😂 Big L.

Author — Peter Hernandez


The moment they can change the course of this stock with their decisions, they shouldn't be able to invest in individual stocks. Period.

Author — MrSponkie


I don’t understand how this isn’t bipartisan.

Author — Arbaaz Manjiyani


You know, Martha Steward went to jail for the same thing that this couple did. Now she is up for Senator of Georgia.

Author — HotRod Mama49


You didn't have to be a genius to see what senator burr saw

Author — Xi Pinping City Planner


insider trading is one of the main reasons they want to be politicians in my opinion.

Author — Justin Cross


just throw them all in prison. no fines. just long sentences.

Author — deedles


They are able to actively trading and still do their job?! 🤯

Author — Pouya Gym


As the economy crisis keep rising, one needs to have different stream of income, one needs to have a diversified portfolio in order to survive

Author — Jonathan John


We can't have these conflicts of interest in members of Congress

Author — Douglas Lenz


America: A place where lawmakers and law enforcers are all criminals!

Author — AlaricTheArcane