Hundreds missing after devastating fire in world’s biggest refugee camp - BBC News

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More than 400 people are missing and 15 confirmed dead after a fire at a huge refugee camp in Bangladesh.

Tens of thousands of Rohingya muslims who had fled persecution in neighbouring Myanmar are now homeless once again.

The authorities in Bangladesh say they have begun an investigation into how the fire started at the camp in Cox's Bazar.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by South Asia correspondent Rajini Vaidyanathan.


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As if life wasn’t bad enough for these people, they have this calamity to deal with as well, my heart goes out to them. So sad

Author — Bobby Green


First world problems are a privilege when compared to the plight of so many around the globe. Prayers go out that these families are given the blessing of happy reunions with their missing loved ones.

Author — Katie S


My heart goes out to those who lost their lives, and to those who also lost their homes.

Author — ୨୧ ̊mocchis ̊୨୧


Omg what we humans have reduced ourselves to, how can we treat one another this way? My prayers to all who lost their loved one & may we ALL treat each other with love, kindness & humility.

Author — g h


My heart is aching my god this is all to much all those children can’t even imagine what they might be feeling 🌷

Author — MIRA MIRA


Rest in peace to those that lost their lives, my heart goes out to those that are made homeless

Author — darragh gregory


Rest In Peace who died hopefully they went to jannah InshaAllah 🙏

Author — Sajid Ahsan


"The rich has money for the war, But none for feeding poor people."
Shameful, Truly shameful.

Author — bluemoont8


It breaks my heart that so many people are suffering so much. I pray for all of them and all those that lost their lives may they Rest In Peace 🙏

Author — J


my eyes and heart reacted immediately when I saw that mother cried.. it's heartbreaking I couldn't stop crying...

Author — Coach Azzel


Praying these mothers find their babies. My heart is absolutely broken for them

Author — Elizabeth


We've been fighting over dumb stuff that doesn't matter when we could've put our time and energy into helping these people improve there living situation and offering help. I'm so sorry for there losses, I pray that one day they'll be able to live in peace and not have to worry

Author — Rachael Vaughan


This is heartbreaking. Prayers for those who have lost loved ones. Rest In Peace

Author — Ale Zhi


This is devastating. How could this happen? Praying for those poor people so much heartbreak and suffering.

Author — Honeybee


My heart sinks seeing them running for their lives.😢

Author — Sajan Panchkoti


Whoever did this has a special place in hell waiting for them.

Author — Rangetech


Rest in peace to those lost their lives, and condolence to family

Author — Sarah Makeup artist


so sad to see this is the life the kids have, not even fun for them..praying for those who lost their lives and families, praying for most families to be reunited. god help all

Author — NAT Que


My heart goes to those family that loose somebody, may their sousl rest in peace

Author — mariama soumah


This is sad 😭 RIP to those died. Really hope they get some help

Author — Nature by Dreygo