TOP 7 Emerging Technologies That Will Change Our World!

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7. Quantum Computers

6. Nanotechnology

5. Ultracapacitors

4. Artificial Intelligence

3. VR Immersion

2. Room Temp Superconductivity

1. Nuclear Fusion


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EDIT - I should have elaborated more on quantum computers & I made a newer video about the future of computing. Please check that out in the endscreen!

Author — Tech Planet


Those quantum computers will soon be able to fit in our pockets

Author — Richard Lew


TOP 7 Emerging Click Baits That Will Change Our Browsing History!

Author — Dick Dick


I've been hearing about these "emerging" technologies for at least 20 years.

Author — Alexey


These are the times in which they are listed:

0.00 - Quantum Computers
0:42 - Nanotechnology
1:52 - Ultracapacitors
2:52 - Artificial Intelligence
3:46 - VR Immersion
4:44 - Room Temp Superconductivity
5:41 - Nuclear Fusion

P.S. - Hope this helps :)

Author — Seun Onafowokan


Elon musk purchased Maxell capacitor company ..-so he knows something !!

Author — John Swartz


"Borrowed" artwork from Star Citizen, copyright Cloud Imperium Games.

Author — Shadow4evr


Is it possible to translate the capacitor tech into portable charging for cell phones etc?

Author — Lee Zorn


Imagine a sustainable zero point energy force field protecting the ship. Mmmm...yum.

Author — Martin Price


3:30 this is what I see when I think of the future just without flying vehicles though...

Author — Beth Cox


"not get quite the range of batteries" Meaningless . I will rejoice when this limp wristed mode of communication gives way to reality.

Author — Jaded Cynic


What thoughts do you have to developing Hydrogen Power Cells for cars

Author — sam clemens


Hmmm. everyone knows you need to add flux to the capacitor in order for it to be sufficient

Author — Jse contractors Inc.


"still in its infancy stage..." Basically this video doesn't have any relevant data.

Author — Thomas Robinson


The only knowledge that will change the world is understanding our own mind and changing our nature, otherwise we are going to continue making the same mistakes with better technology.

Author — Jack Snyder


Exciting now we as a people just need patience time keeps flipping my phone had 5g displayed in the upper right corner now it does not makes for an exiting life.

Author — Carl Cooper


Will you please bring in the winners retention program the wittiness retention program

Author — Ashley Crain


4'44'': makes me remember Johnny Mnemonic, the movie with Keanu Reeves...

Author — Desrumeaux Jean Sebastien


You should have included age reversing technologies.

Author — CorpseCallosum


Chiral formation carbon nanotubes are semiconducting at room temp.
A 1-atom line of Tin is superconducting at room temp.

Author — davidsirmons