How Islamist militant groups are gaining strength in Africa

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Terrorist groups are destabilizing countries all over the continent.

Islamist terrorist groups have found a new home and it's not in the Middle East -- it's in Africa. Specifically, the Sahel, a band of territory in West Africa between the Sahara desert and the savannah.

Since the early 2000s, Islamist extremist groups have increasingly strengthened their base here -- training fighters, raising money, and launching a massive number of attacks.

Some are linked to al-Qaeda and other Islamic State. This is throwing these already weak countries into crises and making the region one of the most dangerous in the world.

To truly understand the international conflicts and trends shaping our world you need a big-picture view. Video journalist Sam Ellis uses maps to tell these stories and chart their effects on foreign policy.

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Vox putting out banger after banger. Keep the flame coming.

Author — BlackScape


Faith is strongest in an empty stomach.

Author — AK Brahma


"the group focused on the Chad region"
That's it. They are done. Boko Haram is no more.

Author — Mortebianca


I honestly feel like a spy being briefed by vox everytime I watch these videos

Author — Dean's World


I live in Nigeria. Although informative, this was also disheartening to watch. Humanity is better than this, I know it.

Author — Tomi Soetan


Makes us realize how lucky we are to be living without these. Thank you Vox for pointing out and informing us about these problems.

Author — chefj


Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.

Author — lebow ski


I pray for peace in Africa. Thank you for the lesson

Author — woo woo


I feel bad for your editors, they make amazing videos day after day, that's a lot of pressure!

Author — Joseph Sivits


Africa: Hundreds of thousands of villagers being slaughtered and kidnapped.
America: Someone on Twitter said something sexist.

Author — Merlin Batory


Cameroon have successfully pushed Boko Haram out of their territory

Author — united cameroon


I am a Nigerian and I thank you for talking about this. I know that boko haram usually attacks the north of Nigeria but I'm scared for people like my family, who live in the south and other parts of Nigeria

Author — Cien Cienni


The Onion put it pretty well: "Situation in Nigeria seems pretty complex."

Author — xylophone


It's the Atlas series that keeps Sam Ellis staunchly in the upper tier of Vox editors. These videos are incredibly informative, engaging, and professional.

Author — Nondescript


Very informative and well made. These videos are super interesting and it's great that you guys are reporting on subjects that the mainstream media tends to ignore.

Author — Robert Lura


this is the type of video i subscribed for, these types of videos are so much better than any one where they put their political viewpoints on it

Author — Seth Kiefer


Thank you Vox for all the videos. I always have had interest in world politics and history and just loving all your videos

Author — Abhishek Saraswat


The background music creates a hypnotic mood for the entire video. Well done!

Author — Phaneendra Medida


These are not the views of Islam at all, and we Muslims hate ISIS and Al-Qaeda as much as anyone else. We pray someday this violence ends, and freedom is restored.

Author — Bisher Almazloum


The video editing for Vox Atlas gets me every time

Author — Ross Edwards