Undertale Finale and More Super Mario Maker 2 - Game Grumps Stream VOD (07/23/2019)

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Arin ends his run of Undertale and then we dive hard into Super Mario Maker 2.

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Game Grumps are:

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Fun fact about the Sans fight: If you kill him, then reset from the main menu and do ANOTHER Genocide run, when you get back to him, instead of his usual banter he just says "You're sick." and the fight starts.

Author — Blastotron


I was hoping they would choose "Do Not" and get the jumpscare ending.

Author — AzumangaFan13


I’m scrolling through the video to find undertale and cut to
“I went to an undertale themed orgy the other day, everyone got nervous, then nobody came.”

Author — Windeus


I really wish they didn’t have such a huge gap between last time and now, it definitely made the ending less impactful.

Author — Oivatank


Skip Tutorial
Throw controller
Unavoidable Chin Move

Infectious Laughter
Hit Blunt
Guitar Solo

Author — Volcryn Darkstar


“It’s a video game. What are you gonna do, brick my switch?”

Author — Kaillua


With Sans dead, a plant monster feels like it’s next. No, not Flowey, I mean the purple plant boss.

Omg I don’t think I’ve ever got this many likes thank you guys

Author — Ziron of Time


All good things must come to an end. On the bright side, they might play Stardew Valley next!

Author — T


Was I The only one hoping that they chose not to erase it would have probably scared them more

Author — Gaelen Cunningham


I'm down for a Stardew Valley stream series... Just saying.

Author — BATTIS94


Arin. You know what's next. Battle kid. Plant boss. You can do it.

Author — BlueStriker101


The switch version takes out the part where the game erases and then loads back to desktop. In the PC version, it literally stops the game and you have to relaunch it and it is a just a black screen with wind effects until you wait the 10 minutes

Author — ItsThiefy


"HP. ATK. DEF. Gold. EXP. LV. Every time a number increases, that feeling... That's me. '[Chara].' "

Fun fact: "Chara" is Greek for _joy._ The character Chara is essentially the incarnation of the RPG spirit -- especially its ramifications when traditional RPG elements are applied to a "real" world, where each "random encounter" is just as much of a person in the world as the major characters are. That implication is my favorite part of the Genocide path, and I think it ties a nice thematic bow on the whole experience. After all that, the game reminds you...

*_...there's a little Chara in all of us._*

Author — HalcyonSerenade


"Did you know Doki Doki Literature Club was originally Mario 2?" :'D I'm dead

Author — patu8010


I tried to watch the stream, but I missed.

Author — Sentient Spoon


“Goo goo goo goo goo”
- Arnold Harold 2019

Author — Ryan Scott


I've never heard genocide described as "naughty" and I want to laugh but I don't think that's appropriate to do so I'm going to just continue to bug out my eyes in emotional confusion

Author — olive-ridley


Somehow I missed the part in the title where it clearly said "and More Super Mario Maker 2" and thought they somehow still had 2 hours and 15 mins of gameplay of Undertale left

Author — Blitzy Wolf


I thought this also meant the end of MM2 and was concerned for a second

Author — Steve Koopa


Dammit. You missed out on a jumpscare.

Author — Alex J Brimmer