Tear gas fired to quell anti-India protests after death of teenager

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(5 Feb 2010)
1. Protesters throwing stones
2. Wide of a protesters in street, man slips as he tries to throw stone
3. Wide of protesters, police in foreground
4. Protesters throwing stones at police vehicle, zoom out as police vehicle fires teargas
5. Group of police in street, vehicle fires teargas
6. Protesters lighting petrol bomb, protester starts running with bomb
7. Protester running and throwing petrol bomb, pan to police running away
8. Police officer firing teargas towards protesters
9. Various of police on patrol in streets
10. Police officers standing guard in street
11. Wide of deserted street
Protesters hurled rocks at police in Indian-administered Kashmir on Friday as anti-India protests triggered by the killing of a teenager continued to rock Srinagar, the region''s main city.
Government forces fired teargas to try to disperse the protesters and arrested at least 80 people, a local police officer said.
Police and paramilitary soldiers sealed off neighbourhoods with razor wire and iron barricades as the government ban on the assembly of more than four people continued for a second day in most parts of the city.
But groups of youths chanting pro-independence slogans appeared in at least three places in Srinagar soon after Friday prayers and hurled rocks and bricks at troops, police said.
One man was filmed throwing a petrol bomb at police.
The protests began after 14-year old boy Wamiq Farooq was killed on Sunday when he was hit in the head by a teargas shell fired by police.
Since then, clashes have erupted between rock-throwing protesters and government forces in many parts of Kashmir as angry mobs took to the streets to protest against the killing.
At least 93 demonstrators and 33 soldiers have been injured.
There were no reports of fresh injuries on Friday.
Shops, businesses and government offices in Srinagar and other major towns in the region were closed and public buses stayed off the roads for a fifth day on Friday.
Kashmir, which is predominantly Muslim, is divided between India and Pakistan and claimed by both in its entirety.
Anti-India sentiment runs deep in the Himalayan region, where more than a dozen rebel groups have been fighting for Kashmir''s independence from India or its merger with neighbouring Pakistan.
More than 68-thousand people, mostly civilians, have been killed in the violence in the region over the past two decades

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Aa harami, gaddaran ne Forces di narmi da fayada uthaa rahe ne. Sidhe goli maaro, deshdrohian nu, Pakistan de chamche, deshdrohi, gaddar Kashmiri muslims

Author — Rajat Chopra


Ane launda kya gira hai bhai .
Piche pathttar fakne wale bhi has diye🤩

Author — Husain Hajoori


Inki action dekh ke laga raha hei ki ye ache fast bowlers ban sakte hei....
Apna talent sahi jagha use karo....

Author — Rohit Sore


Hai log police hy ya laro ka points hy

Author — Balo saya


Wah Mere Kashmiri Kaise Yaad Arshad Dard Fauji ko aapne Bhagya Aise main Delhi se Shazia Khan

Author — Soniya Khan


We love kashmir pakistan #kashmir freedom

Author — Zeeshan Khizer


India army tare ma ke khush buzdil army jis din hum aia naa tare puri India ka ma chood dia gia gea haramio hum mout sa nhi dartia sudhar jio haramio

Author — Hakim ali


you people wasting time yo will never win via stone and sticks you need real stuff

Author — Ajax Akin


Indian army insha ALLAH tera qabrestan bani ga kashmir me
India murda bad

Author — Farhan Nagori


Kashmiri logo se me bolo ga Pakistan ne apni tayari full kr rakhi ha or kr bhi raha ha...ap log bas himat na harna....bhai logo ham ap ka sath kbhi nai chor sakte...Pakistan apni puri pawer ke sath larey ga is hindo se.

Author — mrusman ali


Please friends let this video go viral that is what democracy in India looks like sham sham sham to India
Freedom for Kashmir

Author — petra bach


On the way from India to Kashmir, all the bridges must be bombed so that no Indian can not enter Kashmir. بھارت سے کشمیر جاتے ہوئے تمام پلوں پر بمباری کی جانی چاہئے تاکہ کوئی ہندوستانی کشمیر میں داخل نہ ہوسکے۔

Author — M Amin Rakib