The CREEPIEST Noita seed yet! | Noita Seed Showcase ep1

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Noita seed showcase is a series where I take a look at the most interesting and unique seeds that exist in the game of Noita. Today's seed: 133426382 - a Great Treasure Chest containing Creepy Liquid? Let's go!

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Noita is a magical action roguelite set in a world where every pixel is physically simulated. Fight, explore, melt, burn, freeze and evaporate your way through the procedurally generated world using spells you've created yourself. Explore a variety of environments ranging from coal mines to freezing wastelands while delving deeper in search for unknown mysteries.

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I apologize for any confusion. It completely slipped my mind that I was on the beta branch for this, so if you are on the main branch then the perks will be different (no Breathless in first HM.) Both GOG and Steam can access the beta branch. On Steam, right-click Noita, go to properties, then over to the betas tab, then select the beta branch in the dropdown box and the game will update to the beta. Enjoy! On GOG? I don't know how to access it, but I know you can. This is also how to access all the newest content in the game immediately. Anyway, thanks for watching and have a great day!

Author — FuryForged


"Noita Seed Showcase ep1" "The creepiest Noita seed yet!" I mean, technically that's not wrong, but...

Author — Callandor


I found a seed earlier today that starts you off with a machine wand right under spawn, and a big oblong structure right next to spawn. not that interesting, but it's helped me get to lower areas as a beginner. Also I think we should start adding the version along with the seed, so that when there's an update, old seeds can be filtered out, I've had this problem a lot recently with the new update coming out and all. Anyways, here's the seed: 2076180793, and obviously i'm playing in version 1.0.

Author — Mr. Tree


Oh sure, when Fury showcases his seed he gets 124K subscribers, but when I do it, I get a restraining order

Author — Benjamin Meijer


I was playing noita when I found one of those "Great treasure chests" which are much rarer variants of the normal chests. This one in particular however, gives you 300 extra map hp as well as a health refresh. The best part is that its in the first area (the mines) The seed is 1061859179. The chest is hidden above one of the portals to the holy mountain. There is a wand with the "all seeing eye" spell near the entrance of the biome which will help if you cant find it. It's not as interesting as the creepy liquid one, but it's still pretty cool that you can start a run with 400 hp.

Author — larkstready


This is Dragonatior, and I’m excited to see some seeds! Have I provided anything of use?

Author — Owen Paquette


And to think this could actually happen in a normal run....

Author — Randowl


I think creepy liquid is a reference to creeper world where an infinite amount of purple liquid tries to kill you

Author — name name2


Now we wait for a creepy liqid and the poopstone seed

Author — spatula lemmy


My friend found this seed while playing. I don't know if it cuts it but the Alchemic Precursor recipe is: Water, Blood and oil
The seed is: 1062152759

Author — Skyffel Trafik


I have a really cool seed, it has literally nothing but two garbage tier potions and a wand almost exactly the same as the starting wand, if not worse!
oh wait that's every seed i get when i play

Author — Green Tea


Noita proves that AAA game studios should get their stuff together.

Author — deineMudda952


I wonder of the creepy liquid is a reference to the creeper world game franchise in which a purple goo seeks to overtake humanity and spread across many worlds.

Author — Hi Dere OWO


Damn this reminded me of something. It happened at least 6 months ago in this game, where I was in the layer right before the ancient laboratory and suddenly I saw creepy liquid start creeping up from the left side of the screen, needless to say I was really confused but luckily I had breathless perk....Though the game slowed down to a crawl eventually and then I died to electricity at one point....I never knew how lucky (or unlucky I suppose) I was to have seen that in a vanilla run.

Author — Fantaselion


I like to play with the random alchemy mod on, and creepy liquid unblacklisted. I call it creepy roulette.

Author — Kaine


I remapped the "throw flask" button to "t", to prevent myself from ever accidentally throwing something with left click/right click.

Author — RedPine 20


cant wait to see the long run, this seed is fantastic

Author — joaco


Oh hey, you showcased my seed! (Zoso here) Glad you enjoyed it so much! I feel honored I stumbled upon such a badass seed.

Author — Matthew Brewer


Okay how the treasure chests are even generated? What allows for a chest with so many rare potions inside at once? I usually get just one flask per chest.

Author — pafnutiytheartist


The interesting thing is the acid doesn't affect the creepy liquid or vice versa

Author — Jared Herring