Dayton, Ohio, Shooting: Man Captures the Sound of Gunfire from His Car

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Stunned onlooker Izack Johnson started filming from his car as he heard gunshots in a popular nightlife area in Dayton, Ohio, early Sunday morning. Johnson said on Twitter that he took the video while waiting for his girlfriend to get off work. He said he always sees nice bikes and cars come through so he had Snapchat opened.
A gunman wearing body armor and carrying extra magazines of ammunition was shot to death by police less than a minute after he opened fire early Sunday in a popular nightlife area in the Midwest city of Dayton. The man killed nine people including his own sister and injured at least 27, four of them seriously.

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can we go 5 minutes without another shooting

Author — Shoe_Consumer


I don't think he realized a bullet went over his head

Author — Paris Whithead


Wierd they would bleep out swear words when gun shots are killing people. Seems the obscenity is the killimg and language is a way distant second - totally trvial in comparison.

Author — pspicer777


Man: hears gunshots gets out of car

Me:hears guns shot speeds off

Author — Xecuskah


You can hear the cops at the end light him tf up. Hope it hurt like hell

Author — Moufee


"killed nine people including his own sister..."

Our society is in the toilette.

Author — Apex #ADOS


“A hiss means it’s close! A snap means- -

Now they’re shooting at us”

Author — SheepleOfUSA96


You can hear the sound or "whizz" of a bullet passing close or near him

Author — Some Puerto rican guy


Uhm. Online shopping 100% from now on. Wtf.

Author — Larry Ham


Shrek: Could you not have another shooting


Author — Edgy Ed


-*rolls up window for protection*
-*remembers it won't stop a bullet and rolls it back down to capture audio*

Author — Danny Danko


I know this ain’t a good time but when that one shot scared him my guy tried rolling up the window like the glass was going to save em 💀😭😭

Author — Barnacle


Jesus...his own sister? Bet she was the primary target. :(

Author — House2017


Dayton Ohio, your in our thoughts and prayers here Philadelphia, Pa.

Author — Michael Gaynor


A shooting happened near my neighborhood recently as well. Shootings are really starting to happen frequently and I don’t like one bit of it.

Author — 선법


Everyone take notice that it's election season and this is happening WAKE UP!!! It's not random it's meant to sway your vote to steal our rights!!!

Author — David McKee


have anyone noticed that all these shootings are done with the AR-15 rifles...the same gun that the far left has been trying to ban... something is fishy!smh

Author — David Bells


I live right down the road from where this happened, in Ohio. Its crazy to beleive that this actually happened.

Author — Natalie Rozier


Best cover for you is the wheel well around your engine area on your car, I've seen 7.62 rounds run threw a cars body like knife to butter. Don't know if 223 rounds have the same effect.

Author — Daniel Coffman


This is why I am a homebody I dont go out much only to work the store and the gas station

Author — socali raised352