Tucker: You're not allowed to question NATO

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Tucker: You're not allowed to question NATO4.5
President Trump considers pulling the United States out of NATO; critics respond. #Tucker #FoxNews

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I was a Democrat most of my life. I refused the mandatory 2016 lobotomy and switched to Republican. Never going back.

Author — DB Cisco


So pull US out of NATO make Trump a Russian agent? I'm sorry but Trump want to pull out of NATO because NATO's members aren't spending 2% of their GDP on NATO's defense spending.

Just let NATO died and replaced by the EU. NATO's members weren't being tough on Russia invading Crimea, did nothing on the rise of ISIS and they go along with Obama's dumb Iran nuclear deal.



Boy CNN is out front with Hitler's Playbook. Tell a lie long enough it becomes true to the Sheep.

Author — SKANK HUNT33


Why is the US funding European defence? Europe needs to pay for their own defence!

Author — X W


Trump wants NATO members to contribute more to their own defense, rather than rely on the US. Threatening to withdraw from NATO is one way to put them on notice that the US won't put up with it much longer. In any case, the other NATO nations have the wealth and population to create a credible military alliance without the US. But because we foot the bill for their defense, they can spend their money on their welfare states and especially, fund the importation of all those so-called refugees.

Author — Thomas Wolke


we cannot police the world      ,   the usa is 21 trillion in debt      we are bankrupt,   but they don't want to talk about  that

Author — Danny Fitch


NATO has outlived it's purpose. We don't need it and we sure as hell don't need to pay for it.

Author — Alan McGowan


China is the real enemy of the US not Russia!

Author — A.V. C.


Obama appointed CZARS, yet President Trump is accused of being a Russian agent. Is someone slipping these accusers LSD??? GREAT REPORTING, Tucker!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Author — Brinda Starlin


Trump works for the American people not Russia

Author — sick of liberals


no more globalism, no more NATO no more UN

Author — Just an Albertan


The UN migrant compact is bs, good for you America, your country has not signed

Author — Rigor Mortis


US has wasted 10 trillion dollars in the Middle East wars

Author — Buket Naz


Frankly leaving NATO is likely a good idea. The US pays far too much and gets far too little in return. Time to jettison the dying, Marxist western euro trash and look to forge new alliances with Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and any other western civilization that wants to keep it's society and western culture intact.

Author — Michael Conger


"the dumb people on TV are mad too, watch them"

Author — FredTheFailLord


Every station and person that tells a lie as if it were news should be prosecuted for trying to overthrow our government. This is so far beyond ridiculous!

Author — Tina Howard


We should have gotten out of NATO in the 90s. I took the oath to defend this nation in Jan. 1972. I spent most of my three years in Germany. The barracks I lived in are now gone, as most of them have been, most being replaced by apartments. If Germany can do that then the U.S. no longer belongs there. The Demorats will say and do anything to bring Trump down and the same to the U.S.A.

Author — Barry Sack


bill (RAPIST) clinton fired the FBI Director when he came in office.

nato has no power without America
Let the eu govern itself.

Author — Laurence Smith


Imagine what Cnn would say if trump violated NATO by NOT firing a nuclear warhead

Author — Norbit Rice


Leave un and throw all these parasites out of our country, and nato let all these countries to defend thwm selves

Author — maga elf