The History of Europe: Every Year

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This video shows the borders and populations of each country in Europe, for every year since 400 BC.
Vassal states and colonies are not included in the count of a country's population.

Sources :

1. Population :
- Angus Maddison (2003), Historical Statistic for the World Economy

- Colin McEvedy & Richard Jones (1978), Atlas of World Population History

2. Borders
- EmperorTigerstar - The History of Europe: Every Year

- EmperorTigerstar - The History of the Middle East: Every Year

- Ollie Bye - The History of Africa: Every Year

3. Music
- mrgice3 - Gladiator - The Battle Super Theme Song

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That moment when you blink and you missed the entirery of ww2

Author — Swagz [gaming]


Earth: so how much of Europe do you want?
Roman Empire: yes

Author — TotalRevengeance


Me: watching Poland

Also me: Blink an Eye

Poland: disappears from the map

Me: hey where is Poland?

Russia, Germany, and Austria: never heard of him

Author — a nigga


7:08 CK2 Gang
8:54 EU4 Gang
10:43 Victoria II Gang
11:11 HOI4 Gang

Author — RedRGE


MOST IMPORTANT HIGHLIGHTS (only super important stuff)
0:34 - And right over here Alexander just had the idea of conquering the whole Persian Empire. He was... great.
0:36 - And now Alexander's dead. Hopefully the rest of the gang can share it equally... (collapses in 323 BC)
1:42 - "Hi" said the Parthians, taking over Alexander's Empire.
2:10 - said the Romans, eating the entire Meditteranian for breakfast.
3:15 - Hey, remember the Parthian Empire? "Yup." said the Parthians, making a new one. (sassanid empire)
3:41 - "Hi, I live in the Roman Empire, and I'm wondering if loving Jesus is legal yet?" "... okay sure" said Constantine, moving the capital of the Roman Empire way east. (don't worry about Rome, it won't fall)
4:22 - Barbarians are invading Rome. What's a barbarian? Non-Romans. R.I.P Roman Empire... or actually just half of it. But, the other half isn't in rome anymore, so let's give it a new name. (Byzantine Empire)
4:50 - The gökturks have just invaded almost the entire eurasian step. Great job, gokturks!
5:03 - Over here, Muhammad thinks the real God just whispered in his ear, so he goes down to the cube where everyone worships gods and says "Your gods are all fake" but they get so mad at him that he has to leave town and run to a different town. You could make a religion out of this! (islam)
5:08 - And... maybe conquer the entire world as well. (Rashidun Caliphate, first islam nation)
6:06 - The Frankish Kingdom just broke into what later will be called France and not France.
6:15 - The norse are exploring. They go from the north to the northern north, and find two types of land: grass and ice, the big one full of ice and the small one very green...
6:17 - And they name them accordingly. (Pranked)
6:18 - Oh look, it's the Rus! The Kievan Rus! Are they vikings? I'm not sure.
6:39 - Over here, the roman pope just had the idea of making some more people emperors, but since he got kicked out of the Byzantine Empire... of the HOLY roman Empire! (It's actually Germany, but don't worry about it)
7:07 - "Time to conquer England" said William the Conqueror, wanting to be king.
7:09 - It's a bird... it's a plane... it's the Seljuk Turks!
7:16 - "Ahhh!" said the Byzantine Empire, getting so small it barely existed. "Come on, pope, we're sorry. Please help us get rid of the Seljuks? Maybe take back Israel?" "Fine..." said the Pope. "Let's do a crusade." CRUSADE! They did many crusades, some of which ALMOST didn't fail.
7:58 - And the Mongols decided that they should conquer the entire universe. Nice going, Genghis!
8:02 - I'm sure your "Mongol Empire" will last a long time! (Broken. The one piece we can see on the map is the Golden Horde.)
8:27 - Whoops, half of Europe's about to die. (Black Plague)
8:33 - So, you think you can conquer the Byzantine Empire? "Yup." said the Ottomans. Nice job, Ottoman turks.
8:55 - Whoops, you missed a spot, ottomans! Oh, by the way; don't forget to ban Europe from the spice trade while you're at it.
9:06 - "What? That's BS, Ottomans!" said Christopher columbus, probably high AF. "We should sail this way to India, across the Pacific Ocean!"
9:08 - Move over, Lithuania! Ivan wants to make Russia great again! (ivan the great)
9:11 - "Move over, Timurids! Go invade India or something!" said the Safavid Empire, making their religion a different kind of Muslim.
9:17 - "You know what would be really great?" said Sulieman the Magnificent wearing an onion hat. "What if the Ottoman Empire, was like... super big?" Which it is now.
9:25 - "What if Russia was big?" said Ivan the Great's son, trying not to be terrible. (ivan the terrible)
9:50 - Then the Dutch revolt, and all the hipsters move to Amsterdam.
10:20 - Britain and France are having a friendly discussion about who should control Ohio. Then it escalates into a seven year discussion (7 years war), giving a chance for Prussia to show Austria who's boss. Answer: Prussia. But how about Britain and France? Did they figure out who's boss? Yes they did: Britain! Guess who's broke? Also Britain!
10:26 - So they start taxing america. "No!" says America, declaring their independence; and France helps them win (for any chance to fight Britain). Now France is broke.
10:32 - Wait, if France is broke, then why do the King & Queen still wear such fancy clothes? "Let's overthrow the palace and cut all their heads off!" said Robespierre, cutting the king and queen's head off and also a bunch of more people's heads off, until someone eventually got mad and cut his head off.
10:35 - So... who's in charge of France now? said Napoleon, trying to take over the world. Luckily, they banished him to an island.
10:57 - "Ahhh, I know!" said Europe, running out of ideas. "Let's eat Africa!" they said, seeing who could eat it the fastest. (They never got Ethiopia)
11:05 - A guy in Serbia shoots one of the Dukes of Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary gets mad and declares war, and now everybody's joining sides. Germany goes crazy, running through Belgium, then running through some of Russia... and then everybody bands up on Germany and smashes them down. (Austria-Hungary sucked, they didn't need to worry about them) After the war's over, they blame Germany. Then the Russians revolt and since they didn't know how to use their brain, everybody's paycheck is the same. (Communism)
11:07 - The Arabs revolt against the Ottoman Empire and Britain helps so they can give the Jewish people a place to live (Hopefully the Arabs won't mind)
11:09 - "Let's cut the cake!" said Sykes and Picot, carving up the remains of the Ottoman Empire to make Syria and Iraq. (Except Turkey)
11:12 - Hitler doesn't want Germany to get blamed for WW1, and blames Jewish people for it. So he runs through Belgium, eats France, creates a puppet state called Vichy France to make fun of them, eats half of Russia... but then Russia circles them, pushing them out, while U.S. and U.K. help France get out of Germany's control, and push him back. They try to explain to Hitler why killing the Jews is a bad idea, but Hitler kills himself before they could.
BONUS ROUND: U.S. v.s. Japan. FIGHT!! U.S. chooses Extinction Ball. (Hiroshima explodes). FINISH HIM!! (Nagasaki explodes)
11:15 - Berlin wall!
11:26 - The soviet union decides to relax a little and accidentally falls apart.

Author — AsherSucks LOL


11:11 Hitler joins the server.
11:14 Hitler banned from server. (Reason: Speed Hack)

Author — Adam Hill


Switzerland: haha, i survived living in a chaotic neighborhood for more than a minute

Poland: never left alone for 5 sec

Author — Minh Khai Tran


Western Roman Empire: Falling Apart Eastern Roman Empire: 👁👄👁

Author — Sam Greenslade


10-1200CE: *Britain being invaded and colonised constantly*
Britain 1500-1900: oh how the tables have turned 😍💅

Author — シTurkey dinosaur


I'm a middle school student in Korea(15 years old)
And our next history test is about
The Europe's history from ancient~2020.
I once thought China's history is the most complex thing to remember..but when I saw this,

...F**** I'm out.

Author — M R


Imagine how many people die every time some area changes color.

Author — togofar


7:50 *calm music*
5 seconds later

Author — Online Gladiator


"heyyyy" said the roman empire, eating the entire mediterrainean for breakfast

Author — Hanna Stenson


when the greatness of rome existed in italy..
.Munich was a forest
London a small hill
Paris an uncultivated field

Author — Marcus Licinius Crassus Consul Italy


10:08 everyone is saying Portugal is chilling for hundreds of years, but they actually flinched 300 years ago

Author — Chee Won (Luke) Choi


poland: please leave me alone.
history: *NO.*

Author — matt bardot


10:19 imagine how many borders you had to go through to go from Naples to Copenhagen. (not a common trip back in those days, admittedly)

Author — Giorgio Fegatini


Julius Caesar: 1:53 Let me introduce myself

Author — AeroZeros


Everybody: killing each other and changing lands

Switzerland: ...

*Portugal:* 🍿

Author — THE CAM


11:12 Switzerland just relaxing in the midle of the war

Author — Aweni Jungle