Why Does Armenia Hate Turkey?

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Once the world leader in infrastructure, the United States has fallen far behind in 16th place. So just how bad are America's roads?

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State to inspect aging bridges after overpass concrete falls on car
"Maryland's top transportation official on Thursday ordered immediate inspections of 27 aging, state-owned bridges after a chunk of concrete fell on a Prince George's County woman's car from the bottom of the Interstate 495 overpass in Morningside."

Human Cost Rises as Old Bridges, Dams and Roads Go Unrepaired
"A routine trip to run errands almost cost Katherine Dean her life."

Why We Still Can't Afford to Fix America's Broken Infrastructure
"The United States has an infrastructure problem. Globally, the U.S. ranks 19th - behind Spain, Portugal and Oman - in the quality of its infrastructure, according to the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report."

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I'm Korean. A lot of Korean people love Turkey because Turkish and Korean rooted in the same place. Korean and Turkish people cherish each other and think that we are brothers.

Author — 푸른하늘


Russia ; Go fight with Turkey i got your back.
Armenia; OK.

Author — Ceyda Sapmaz


Fırsattan istifade ayaklanıp çoğunluk olduğun yerde çoluk çocuk demeden öldür, yak yık takan et, ondan sonra kafanızı ezince genocide genocide.bunların yıllardır ağlamalarının özetidir.bu gün yarın yine böyle bir fırsat bulsalar aynısını yaparlar

Author — Dona Untila


2015:Turkey and Armenia are gonna be friends

2020:am gone end this man's whole career

Author — gaming dog


Nationalism does nothing but teach you to hate people you never met, and to take pride in accomplishments you had no part in.

Doug Stanhope

Author — ljahman levi


When I realized from thumbnail that he shows armenia bigger than Turkey, i couldn't stop laughing

Author — jääkäri


All respectful people, regardless of which religion or country, let's establish a country!

Author — Yasemin


When will France acknowledge Algerian genocide? Next video about that please

Author — RatherA


Türkler toplanın kapak fotoğrafın'da istânbul ve hatayin yarısı yok yetişin 🇹🇷❤🇦🇿❤🇵🇰❤🇺🇿❤🇰🇿❤🇰🇬❤🇹🇲



Peki ya bunu SOYKIRIM olarak sayan Ingiltere, Fransa vs. olması?

Author — Kranzess


Long live turkey brothers
From makkah .. Saudi arabia

Author — Moh


Long live Turkey , you are so great and big

Author — BK Production


Türk olmak zordur dünya ile savaşırsın yabancı olmak daha zordur Türkle savaşırsın 🇹🇷

Author — Godfather


1:55 Obama and many other nations? I didn't know Obama was a nation...

Author — firas alboni


Im Turkish and I really want peace dor everyone ✌️

Author — Süleyman ALAN


i am turkish and i dont hate armenians, i love all peaople :D

Author — ESC Ocean


As a young woman living in London, I had Armenian friends. Have to say I found them to be one of the most generous, kind, warm hearted people I've ever met. They told me of their history.

Author — Boudicca


How can you hate someone, without knowing them?

Author — Pot Head


We have so many enemies but we don't care :D see in our history what we do with our enemies.

Author — Cemo Capone


Very concise and informative. I learned a lot in 3 min. Too bad there's still animosity amongst them after all these years. Greetings from California.

Author — Miliani Sanchez