Supersized Solar Farms Are Being Constructed Across The World (And Soon In Space) | NBC News

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The plummeting cost of solar panels and economics of scale have led to a supersized solar revolution that may be key to the worldwide adoption of solar energy.

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Supersized Solar Farms Are Being Constructed Across The World (And Soon In Space) | NBC News

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Solar farms are being built around the world... by governments that aren't held hostage by a minority of conspiracy-obsessed right-wing evangelicals who think the rapture is going happen before climate change destroys the world and the plutocrats that get rich off their denial of science.

Author — Josh Wilson


How many is the usa building ? Or are we just falling further behind again ?

Author — Seven Falls Trail


Another thing to consider though: as panels or solar film gets more efficient, you'll need less of it to generate the same amount of power.

Author — sheltomlee


00:14 What's "photo-volactic"? No mispronunciations, please.

Author — Hellalujah Chorus


Nuclear energy is the future thorium molten salt reactors can produce 2000MWe per reactor 50% more then the average reactor.
Solar and wind simply aren’t enough to power the world and batteries won’t do justice

Author — Dan


Birds flying over Palm Springs solar farms have had their feathers catch fire from the reflective panels . And of course they fall to the ground . Migrating ducks and other birds must run a gauntlet through these farms and as more huge farms are made, their death toll will rise UNTILL a size limit is imposed on new solar farms.

Author — Rere West


Solar is not of much use with the sun being blocked.

Author — olbeast


It's not like we could just put solar panels on our roof or anything. That's just crazy talk.

Author — Sound Author


Because the direction of the current changes in AC electricity, you cannot directly store the power. Texans in the northern half of the state are now paying 4 times as much for electricity during the cold snap because they have to buy it from the grid (The owners of this country).

Author — guss whu


Keep digging coal America. Who makes the majority of the world's solar panels? China.

Author — Amenhotep The Third


Nothing but good news. And yes US is making investments but just not as much as China.

Author — simon scowled