twenty one pilots - Jumpsuit (Official Video)

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The Banditø Tour Fall 2019 - on sale now.

OCT 9 Tampa, FL @ Amalie Arena
OCT 11 Greenville, SC @ Bon Secours Wellness Arena
OCT 12 Atlanta, GA @ State Farm Arena
OCT 15 Baltimore, MD @ Royal Farms Arena
OCT 17 Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun Arena
OCT 18 University Park, PA @ Bryce Jordan Center
OCT 20 Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center
OCT 22 Cincinnati, OH @ U.S. Bank Arena
OCT 24 Minneapolis, MN @ Target Center
OCT 25 Des Moines, IA @ Wells Fargo Arena
OCT 27 Denver, CO @ Pepsi Center
OCT 30 Las Vegas, NV @ MGM Grand Garden Arena
NOV 1 Los Angeles, CA @ STAPLES Center
NOV 2 Anaheim, CA @ Honda Center
NOV 3 Sacramento, CA @ Golden 1 Center
NOV 5 San Diego, CA @ Pechanga Arena
NOV 8 Fort Worth, TX @ Dickies Arena
NOV 9 Tulsa, OK @ BOK Center

Directed by: Andrew Donoho

I can’t believe how much I hate,
Pressures of a new place roll my way,
Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me,
Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me.
I crumble underneath the weight,
Pressures of a new place roll my way,
Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me.
Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me.

Spirits in my room, friend or foe?
Felt it in my youth, feel it when I’m old,
Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me,
Dusting off my Jumpsuit.

I’ll be right there,
But you’ll have to grab my throat and lift me in the air,
If you need anyone,
I’ll stop my plans,
But you’ll have to tie me down and then break both my hands,
If you need anyone.

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Red cloaked guy = depression/anxieties. Blurryface. It’s never truly gone.
Yellow flowers = hope (kinda); an escape from his dark mindset. maybe a new beginning.
People throwing flowers = shows he’s not alone.
Jumpsuit = safety blanket from depression/anxieties.

This is my interpretation (:

Author — Katelyn B


i was in this music video, believe it or not

i was one of the the rocks

Tyler stepped on me....

Author — Tyler's Chalupa


Tyler: i cant believe how much i hate

Me looking into a mirror: i cant believe how much i weigh

Author — Past the castle walls 17


Wow it’s officially been one year since Tyler mocked us about our sleeping schedule

Author — mamamia


If you're an old fan - welcome back
If you're a new fan - welcome
If you just love the music - I got ya
If you don't know if you like this band - that's ok

Welcome I hope your stay is pleasant, we got cookies and drinks. Take care and stay alive frens

Author — Alex Alex


And that my frens, is how NOT to ride a horse

Author — c o r k y


0:11 “you’re asleep, time to wake up” will be my new alarm clock

Author — Carmen Lopez


My friends: What music do you listen to?
Me: Twenty One Pilots.
Freind: and?
Me: Just twenty one pilots
After summer:

Me: NoW I LiStEn To Juice wrld xxxtentacion imagine dragons panic at the disco lil peep and twenty one pilots

Author — One Accounter


I'm a fairly new fan of twenty one pilots and already I've had so many people welcoming me to the skeleton clique; this community is awesome!

Author — Megan Rose


I guarantee that car had no radio. Just saying.

Author — Alpha


I know someone who has pissed themselves to this song many times

Author — Lorenzo Laezza


I'm 58 years old and love these guys ever since they released the record vessel. I have been to two of their concerts. My kids think that I am weird. I don't care. Music is ageless.

Author — Yoda the Mastiff


It don’t matter how long ago it is because we all love this song in our hearts

Author — MTR CLAN


congrats to jenna and tiler yaseph for their baby. im just too happy for them <33 :’)

Author — ginger


Can we just appreciate how far this man and his buddy have come from being a small band playing to like 5 people to becoming one of the most popular bands of this generation?

Author — Math Masterman


Anyone else her after 2019 Leeds fest like 😂

Author — Jenson Cull


It's been a year and I've come back to listen to it like it's the first time

Author — Monique Esmile


Theory of understanding deeper meaning in the video:

1. The man in the red cloak is a new representation of Blurryface. (Hinted by him giving the black streaks on Tyler's neck, then to have the black streaks grow into the last era's paint.)

2. Blurryface is the representation of Tyler's problems and general insecurities. (Depression, Insecurity etc. Aka mental illness).

3. Clancy said they can not see yellow and to cover him. Yellow is the color and sign of support to mental illness.

4. Blurryface returns to Tyler here after heavydirtysoul and reclaims him from his previous freedom (him roaming around) by putting black lines on his neck. Which eventually takes over Tyler (when Tyler stumbles, the black expands into how it was in the previous era) and causes him to walk obediently behind Blurryface in defeat.

5. The people above Tyler are his Jumpsuit. In attempt to save Tyler they throw him a sign of hope and support (yellow flowers petals). Tyler looks at them for a minute and realizes he has support from others to keep on fighting. Then suddenly he breaks free and runs for his life away from Blurryface.

6. Unfortunately he stumbles and falls. Which then Blurryface then captures him again, but you see he has a yellow flower within his hands. This means he's still holding onto the support they gave him even though Blurryface won in this video.

7. The person remaining above when looking at Tyler is indeed Josh. But he's standing there to indicate that "This isn't over, Blurryface." And eventually they'll free Tyler from him.

8. Tyler says in Jumpsuit also, that if you needed anyone you'd have to hurt him. This is him talking to Blurryface saying that he'd follow, but he would be fighting his ass off while doing it. So his new found support will keep him fighting through this entire album.

Also.. Nico and The Niners (the people singing the song) are the banditøs above saying they want to rescue those trapped in Dema (Depression).

(Sorry! I accidentally deleted it the first time.. tell me your inputs!)

Edit: The Heavydirtysoul flashbacks are because his happened after! Josh is the person that escaped from Dema first of the two (him and Tyler)! He was helping Tyler break free in Heavydirtysoul and he's trying again now in Jumpsuit! Tyler realizes it's possible to break free and his anger and determination to be free shows in how hardcore the song is sung! It also shows when youstart hearing the anger in his voice, his will power and anger makes the black fade off his neck and he runs for it! Thanks for listening if you got this far!

Edit 2: YOU GUYS ARE SO AMAZING. Your theories are also wonderful and thank you for so much support on my comment! ❤❤

Edit 3: The Nico and The Niners thing is being brought up A LOT. So I'll reword it the right way. I meant the Nico and the Niners SONG is about rescuing those trapped in Dema. Nico and The Niners as PEOPLE are definitely the bishops. The reversed lyrics are the banditøs (the people standing above the trench) talking about rebellion. And Tyler's lyrics is him speaking from an escapists point of view, trying to plan an escape.

By the way.. I don't know if I'm right! Take that in mind! I'm going to try to make videos on this on my channel about several theories very soon. So if you want to be included and credited for your theory, send me a message on my social medias and enter your theories there!
Discord: @Noah#4832

Author — Noah


happy birthday, jumpsuit and natn. thank both of you for giving me a heart attack when i woke up. ||-//

Author — sierra b


Hoy trench cumple 1 año 🔥🔥 amo este album 🔥

Author — Jish Langdon