Kamal Haasan Expresses Disappointment Over Rajinikanth Not Entering Politics

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Kamal Haasan expressed disappointment over Rajinikanth's decision to not to enter politics but said that Rajinikanth's health is more important.
Rajinikanth has announced that he will not be starting his political party and that his recent health scare is a warning from God. On Tuesday, Rajinikanth posted a tweet saying he doesn’t want to make the people who believe in him feel like a scapegoat, however, his recent health conditions have come as a warning.
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💬 Comments on the video

It'd be nice if Rajini endorsed Kamal Haasan so we can get a corruption free Tamil Nadu.

Author — Love Animals-01


Let's respect thalaivars decision.. love you thalaiva..

Author — nadeem baig


The video about Kamal Hassan view played in this was taken on 28th where in the announcement from rajinikanth came on 29th. How media is playing with the cuts n edits

Author — shiv akshay


They are using you like a pawn 🙏🙏 be careful. Keep it up.

Author — Chan Gouda


Let's hope that this is the last unfortunate of 2020

Author — Bourgeois Mindset


It's tamilnadu, bjp can't come backside

Author — D s


Health is more important, and his age is big factor that needs to be considered. I think this is good for him healthwise

Author — Srikrishna Kesavulu


When a person is not having good health and if doctors told and intimated not to take any risks, how can he formed the party and to contest the election. Making new party it is not so easy. What he took decisions may be perfectly correct. For a person health is important not any post.
the election. Making new party

Author — sreenivasa raju


If anyone thought that the people of Tamilnadu are so film crazy that a super star can just enter in to politics and can easily become Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, they are miserably wrong. The case of MGR was totally different. In-fact, at that point of time it was politicians who were using cinema for their propaganda. CN Annadurai and Karunanidhi of DMK were penning script and dialogue based on their propaganda, this was delivered on screen by MGR who was also a member of that party. This helped him when after CN Annadurai, Mr. Karunanidhi led DMK towards his family and alleged corruption and MGR revolted and formed AIADMK.

It is the fact that a group of people in Tamilnadu are so desperate to get an alternate for DMK and AIADMK and many of them could vote for any popular figure. But this alone was not sufficient so far against these two major parties. Number of such voters are increasing substantially year after year as both DMK and AIADMK are not giving expected political guidance to the state. In-spite If the state is progressing, it is mainly due to the policies of Kamaraj and CN Annadurai much prior.

Author — Nicholas Robinson


Marathi'🤡'Rajini சொல்ரான்❗️fans கேக்ரான்❗️☝🏾

.. இப்போ இல்லனா எப்போதும் இல்ல❗️; எப்போதும் நா உன்மையை தான் பேசுவே, என்னால் இப்போது மடியாது, எப்போது முடியும்மோ அப்போ வருவே❗️👌🏾

.. மாறனும் எல்லாமும் மாறனும்; ஆனா என்னால் இப்போ மாத்த முடியாது, முதலில் நா மாறனும்❗️✊🏾

.. Aanmiga’ஆரசியல் நடக்கும்❗️; நா அரசியலுக்கு வர மாட்டே, எனக்காக் அந்த ஆண்டவனே அரசியலை நடத்துவார்❗️🤘🏾

.. கண்னா ! இது.. இது.. இது.. ஏப்படி இருக்கு❓🤗.. ஹா🤣 ஹா🤣ஹா😂.. 👍🏾👏🏽👌🏽

Author — NK’ B


Disappointed ?? No way !! He must be jumping out of joy !! Hypocrite number 1

Author — rational thinker


Rajini is always a fraud
Cheating his fans and TN people.
BJP's plan for B team ended today.
T N people will not vote RAJINI.he knows that
And it is a great escape

Author — MCI EMI


All join hands and support vijay from behind

Author — Mr J


Kamal hassan and rajani kanth did not do anything for Tamilnadu people . very stingy Guys

Author — maanamulla thamizhan