Coronavirus: World must prepare for pandemic, says WHO - BBC News

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Fears are growing that the coronavirus outbreak could become a pandemic as new cases are reported around the world. The virus, which emerged in China, has spread to at least 29 countries.The World Health Organization has said the world should do more to prepare for a possible coronavirus pandemic.

The worst-hit countries are intensifying their efforts to contain the deadly coronavirus as the number of cases globally surpassed 80,000.

In South Korea, infections have risen again, taking the total to 977. Americans have been warned against all but essential travel to the nation.

Italy and Iran are both battling to contain outbreaks of the virus.

In Japan shares slumped on Tuesday, reacting to a global plunge on Monday sparked by fear of further outbreaks.

Wall Street and London had both suffered big drops. #BBCOS #BBCOutsideSource

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I knew that being an introvert would someday pay off. There is no place like home 🏡

Author — Bond James Bond


If we took this seriously, we'd suspend ALL international travel until the threat is eliminated.

Author — Daryl Hodson


This disease and the act of those governments starting to look like the Netflix series called containment. The government create a virus and lost control of it and continues to lies to the public

Author — Elizabeth Home


this really tells us how careless the governments are.

Author — Innocent


And guys keep In mind

This started


One person...

Author — Nostalgic


“Could become a pandemic"

Shows a world map covered in red.

Author — Martin Myggestik


*_It’s all fun and games till god really starts using his DNA points on lethality..._*

Author — P u r e


You know, the problem here is that we are trying to move at the same speed as the virus, progress when it progresses. Just call it a pandemic; treat it as if everyone has it, and, perhaps, we'll mitigate the loss of life. Stop saying it's not there yet. It is here.

Author — Sams Son


I never thought that even our death would be "Made In China" 🥴

Author — Shirshendu Das


It feels absurd that we're pretending we're trying to contain the spread of this disease, when international travel is continuing essentially as normal.

Author — SpaghettiandSauce


Plot twist

Coronavirus is just an extreme marketing campaign for Plague inc.

Author — PetterHolmqvist


"World must prepare for pandemic, says WHO"
"We must dispatch planes to bring this sickness from quarantine zones home to make pandemic a reality." - Leaders around the world.

Author — jet black


"It's safe to get the economy going again."
Jesus. WHO just doesn't give a damn if it goes global, huh?

Author — Jameson


This PANDEMIC will finally bring in Marshall law.

Author — lonelivehouston 1


It’s too late WHO you acted like Economy Advisor not Health Advisor

Author — Shashikumar Ganesh


*Schools must be closed to prevent the epidemy. France refuses to do it, it's criminal*

Author — Gilets jaunes révolution


"Surgical masks don't protect you!" WHO official wearing mask...

Author — Karm1200


WHO: "You all must prepare for a pandemic."
Narator: "They didn't."

Author — Ane Dijitak


0:05 seconds into the video and they're already dissing on New Zealand's existence

Author — Angus Bodle


The WHO could have woken up a month ago to “save lives” instead of napping. Part timers. Useless.

Author — L White