Leaving our ISTANBUL carpark after 95 days VAN LIFE TURKEY

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After 95 days in our Istanbul carpark we’re leaving to continue our van life adventure around Turkey. How strange does it feel to be hitting the road again (with a stowaway) after so long.

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Travel vlog 310 | Istanbul | Country 30/197

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💬 Comments on the video

I'm from the UK but have lived in Turkey for 20 years. The reception you got was typical of Turkish hospitality. They are incredible people and Turkey is an incredible country.

If you guys make it down to Antalya, just let me know would be happy to show you around the city.

Author — Michael Yeovil


We will miss you. Come back to Turkey again 😄❤

Author — Metin Yiğit Budaker


You could have left the cat at the car park :) the people of Istanbul take care of their cats and dogs :)

Author — ariadne aghaoglou


I felt your sadness leaving those warm beautiful people and cat.

Author — Jax Fl


Tüylerim diken diken oldu
İyi ki böyle bir halkın insanıyım
İyi yolculuklar 👋🏼❤️

Author — melisa yüksel


So many emotions watching you leave your Istanbul family and saying good bye to Corona. Glad she will have good care and a good home. Happy and safe travels to you!

Author — Sandra Fatland


Pets crossing the boarders are tough. She lived there. She just tried to adopt you. Good move. Safe travels! I would be in bloody tears.

Author — Christopher Rasmussen


Was in tears😢 so emotional, but am glad you have done it. Wooohooo! So good of you getting Corona, a home. Asia here we come.🚐. So great to have the freedom now. Enjoy the Adventure.😚❤❤❤❤❤

Author — fiana jojiana


That's so nice how you found Corona the cat a home!

Author — Quinn


You are lovely people with big hearts! And, you are very funny too. Wishing you great adventures to come your way.

Author — Hana Spacek


I have no doubt the more you show us of Turkey, the greater our plans to show them to EDD will be.

Author — EDD Vanlife


Hey guys.
Carpark will miss you İstanbul and neighboor miss you and turkish friends will really miss you.
And Chris remember turkish style mustage

Author — Selçuk Selçuk


And they're off! I pulled up a map of Turkey as you were plotting your journey. I learned more about the geography and history of Turkey as I researched your trip with you. It is so cool that Istanbul is the only city on two continents. Your bench time looking out to sea was so refreshing at the end of your video. Onward.

Author — Kathi Foy


Bitter sweet tonight. Saying your goodbyes only to meet new contacts and challenges 😀👍🚐 Trev n Sue

Author — Poshcats Camping


So pleased for you, that was just what I needed to watch today, safe travels !

Author — Alison Ryan


You guys might enjoy watching the Turkish documentary about the cats in Istanbul called “Kedi” :) I highly recommend it.

Author — Rachel Kaye


Quality vloggers these pair are found them the other night searching about driving to old Yugoslavia once the borders are open and travelling around there! Your living the dream goes to show your never too old! 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

Author — Jack Myatt


There is an old wish in Turkey when you are leaving somewhere. We are pouring water after left. And says that "Go like water, come (back) like water! (Su gibi git, su gibi gel!) " I hope you'll come back later to this car park to remember your back memories :)) Greetings from Izmir, hope to see you somewhere @İzmir

Author — Alican Yalçın


This almost brought me to tears!! The circumstances were unusual but y’all made the best of it. So happy that you’re finding a new home for Corona.❤️❤️❤️

Author — Momma Dukes49


Oh, being able to stretch the legs after three months! I had tears pricking the corners of my eyes a few times in this video. Be safe, you two, as I know you will -- you always T.R. whilst you A., I've learned! ❤

Author — Aaron P