Rescue Operations in China vs India I Trichy: Boy falls into borewell | Surjith | Live updates

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Trapped in a borewell: 24 hours on, struggle to rescue two-year-old Sujith Wilson continues

Over 24 hours after Sujith Wilson fell into an abandoned borewell at Nadukattupatti near Manapparai district, efforts to rescue the two-year-old saw the National Disaster Response Force and the State Disaster Response Force joining the operations after repeated efforts by expert teams proved futile.

By Saturday evening, the authorities also sought the expertise of Neyveli Lignite Corporation, the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation and a private agency, all experienced in drilling operations. After a brief consultation, it was decided to launch a direct manual rescue attempt.

Authorities are now planning to dig a big borewell adjacent to the old one, to a depth of about 100 ft., using a rig and then drill a horizontal tunnel to link the two. A team of Fire and Rescue Services would then be sent through the tunnel to rescue the boy.

On Friday evening, Fire and Rescue Services personnel and other workers had embarked on a similar plan but the work was suspended, apparently because they encountered rocky terrain.

Early on Saturday, Sujith, who had been lodged in the four-inch-wide borewell, stopped responding to calls from his uncle and parents, triggering anxiety and tension in the village. Health Minister C. Vijayabaskar, who was camping at the spot to monitor rescue efforts, said they could not hear the sound of the boy’s breath from 5.30 a.m.
Rescue efforts suffered a setback late on Friday when the boy, who was trapped initially trapped at a depth of about 30 ft, slipped to a depth of 68 ft. The borewell had been dug seven years ago in a corn field and had apparently been closed with sand. The sand had washed away in the recent spell of rain, sucking the boy in when he stepped over the hole in front of his house.

Mr. Vijayabaskar said all available equipment and devices were being deployed to rescue the boy. Inputs and suggestions from various experts were taken into account and implemented. Yet the efforts had not succeed as they could not get a firm grip on the boy’s slender and wet hands. Besides, mud had fallen over the child, making the operation difficult.

More than 15 attempts were made by various teams from across the State, including Madurai, Namakkal and Coimbatore, through the night. "The problem occurred when the wet mud began falling into the borewell and on to Sujith. Over an inch of mud had fallen on him, hindering efforts to knot his hands several times," said K. Daniel, a plumber from Tiruchi who had led several such rescue efforts.

The 30-member NDRF team, which arrived here from Arakkonam, joined the 40-member SDRF team and took over the rescue mission around noon on Saturday. After a brief assessment of the situation, the teams got to work using a hydraulic arm. But this too did not prove successful till late in the night. A drilling rig was requisitioned from Pullambadi. "The situation continues to be critical but we have not lost hope," said Mr. Vijayabaskar.

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The story has reached the Arab world we're all praying for the little Indian boy 😭to survive

Author — Maryam Alwatani


Un channel trend aganum nu ippadi poduriya lusu maari... Rendum same ah? Arivu illa...

Author — Vishal .s


No both a incident r not coincide
With diameter of borewell

Author — As Ss


The situation in chinese case was much easier than the sujith condition.

Author — nyima panda123


Otha deii..
Like vanga intha meri podra

Author — Balu Chede


Dai first follow rules & regulation then no need feel sorrow for this kind of situation

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Enga surjith veluntha kulein diameter 4 athukklla eranguvathu status siramam

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What are talk about sujith olive me life I paryer for him

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Indian people so selfish careless theres no responsibility.

Author — viji rani


Bloody fool now what's use of comparing between China and india.. He is dead couldn't u understand....whatever tech solutions improved result poor in social skills

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Parents should give their attention towards the children. That's the main thing

Author — R.M. Rathnayaka and sons industry


May Allah bless this child. I hope and pray that authorities will be able to save him without a harm.

Author — SL Daily


Intha baby ah adutha pola surjith ayum kapathunga please

Author — Athnan Athnan


Tamilnadu educated state dawww FAILED!!! Sujith's father drilled 650 feet borewell 7 years ago and didn't close it. Sujith fell into same hole. It's purely parents' negligence. In China's case, the child was stuck at 33 ft where the soil is loose. In this Tamilnadu case, the child is at 100 ft and soil is full of rocks (place name Man'paarai' means rocky land). Hence the rescue is tough and taking very long time.

Author — Rakesh Kumar


India munneriullathaka kurukirarkal thavira oru paruppum veka villai China munneriullathu athu maddum unmai

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Idhe oru arasiyal vaadhiku aaidundha china ku 100flight vitu avangala kooptu vandhrupanga ipdi laelte pani irukamatanga

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Yanak mannsu robba wallekithu
Fasts muyertci pannuga
muyertci pannuga pleeese

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In china hole is 11 inch diameter, u can see the kid easily comes out from the hole (Chinese baby is pretty big when compared to our baby he comes out easily shows hole is big) . but in trichy hole is funnel shaped the place where the child is only 4 inch diameter u can see only his head and two hands. If baby fell hands pointing down may be he will be in much more higher place. Kindly use some sense before comparing these two situations.

Author — karthick devaraj


😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 sujith nilami eni yarukum nadakakudathu

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There were some mistakes in Indian rescues

Author — R.M. Rathnayaka and sons industry