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One America News, or OAN, is a far-right news network being embraced by President Trump at his coronavirus press briefings. John Oliver takes a look at who they are, how they report, and why they could be a big problem during the pandemic.

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The OAN anchor loses an argument with a still photo of Bernie Sanders. That’s pathetic.

Author — skatscan


OAN is like the Onion, if the Onion believed the stories they reported.

Author — AvatarOfGames


10:07 Under "traditional" gender roles, you'd be in the kitchen, ma'am.

Author — Trombonebone


Graham Ledger: I would rather die of coronavirus a free person, than live like a slave to government, engulfed in fear, panic and with no liberty.
BLM and anti-police brutality protesters: Alrighty then.

Author — Zzyzzyzzs


I actually hadn’t heard of this network until last week, after they wrote an article claiming my small town of 30, 000 was being “overrun by terrorist antifa radicals” at a BLM protest that was organized in response to several racist remarks made on the part of the mayor. A claim I found particularly odd, because I had watched that protest from my office and I can honestly say that Bingo Night at the retirement center is generally more rowdy.

Author — ImaSharkWhatNow


Why is that woman working since she clearly cares about traditional roles? Go home, feed your family and clean after everyone!

Author — Heije Wubs


Please encourage Don Jr to keep “a tiger around the house”

Author — Eoin C


"Even when i'm wrong, i'm right"

Sounds like something from 1984😣

Author — The Chill Geek


As an actual employee at the Library of Congress, I can confirm that getting in is not a challenge or anything worth bragging about whatsoever. You just send it in and it's archived for all time. That's it. Lol.

Author — J R


"anything can be food, if you eat it" LOL

Author — Monica S


But... if the US is “Hitler’s Germany”... then doesn’t that make the sitting US president Hitler? OAN???

Author — Andrew Taborsak


Chanel Rion: "Is Chinese food racist?"

World: "Have you actually ever had a real job?"

Author — scarpfish


“When abortions become involuntary and contagious” - amazing

Author — Brent Caldwell


"If we destroy gender, we'll destroy gender roles! And gendered relationships! And traditional marriage! And family units!"
I fail to see the problem here Lady.

Jokes aside, this is _clearly_ a completely bad faith argument. It's very clear that she is _not_ asking anyone for input, she's saying all these things _to_ conservatives, to fear monger. There is no discussion, it's dictation. If she were in a court room drama, the defendants lawyer would stand up and shout "Objection! Leading the witness!"
She's targeting conservative paranoia to affirm their fears and whip them up into an irrational frenzy.
Imagine if the opposite happened: The Zoo _did_ announce the gender of their penguin, and an alt-left reporter started saying "This is an attack on transgenders, and the right wing is clearly trying to discriminate against gay marriage. Don't let cisgendered penguins fool you."

Now realize that we live in a reality where we _don't_ see reporters like that, but this lady is on _national television_

Author — potaterjim


They’re not even tossing him softball questions, they’re getting on their knees with their hands cupped under their chin for him to lazily drop it into their awaiting mouth.

Author — mueez adam


We really need to start teaching critical thinking skills in public schools.

Author — Cader Locke


Frankly, any organization that calls itself "One America" is raising a lot of red flags.

Author — Nina Krishnamurthy


OAN: For the contemporary American fascist

Author — Alexei Russell


my brain hurts listening to that silly blonde talking about gender.

Author — Greg Clark


OAN: Just when I was thinking Fox News was the worst.

Author — Renato Corvaro