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PPP's Sharmila Faruqi is #TheCurrent's Sunday Guest. We speak to her about if she's upset with the Peoples Party, life as a mother and her secret love language.

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شرم کی بات ہے۔ان کے گھر دیکھو اور سندھ اور تھر کے عوام کے حالت دیکھو۔

Author — Imran Khan fans


Good house from looting of Pakistan steel by usman farooqi

Author — abrar gujar


This luxurious property must be built on the cost of poor people of Sindh.

Author — Iqbal Hussain


First time I’ve heard that chicken qorma and mutton biryani is “one” dish 😂😂😂

Author — Aizaz Ur Rehman Akhtar


Imran khan is the intelligent, qualified, honest & brave gentleman leader in the world .

Author — Mohsin Sheikh


She is enjoying luxury life and fool people of think that she care about them, she can't understand poor people pain because she don't have experience

Author — Ertugrul Seasons


توبہ استغفر الہ ملک اور قوم کی حالت 🤔دیکھو اور ان کی حالت دیکھو 🤔

Author — Jamil Pindi boy


happy to see the comments, all against her axcept one or two duffers, means pakistan jaag gya hai, 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 for all haters, i m one too, she deserve it

Author — redrose red


Sindh se jo jo mera yeh comment parh raha hai..
Bhai is ghr ki 1 ent (brick) ke paise tere jaib se bhe gaye hai 😂😂😂
She is Daien of sindh
khoon choos gai hai sindh ka

Author — Rafey Liaquat Thought's


look at her house😡 she belongs to a poor country where people die frm hunger😥

Author — Asra Haroon


This interview is more then talk just showing her house and money .

Author — GentekPlus Generator Maintenance Services


Itny bary ghar sy sirf lemon juice he pee k a gy anchor sahiba

Author — Mone Saith


Disgusted to see this beautiful house. This is made from the ill gotten money.

Author — RF aikbal


Heheheh Imran khan great 👍 long live Pakistan 🇵🇰 long live Imran khan

Author — ali fawad


Jo bhi Pakistani is aurat ko support krta ha wo bht bada jahil ha...
Ye to kisi bhi angle se honest ya responsible gharib awam dost nhi lag rahi ha...

Author — Amazing World


Very bad u spent money on ur self go out side the house.
.look the kachra in Karachi

Author — Cooking With Naila


Liar she didn’t attended the test as two of my teachers were there and they have qualified too. And one of my teacher filed a petition against that she got the admissions instead of appearing in test.

Author — Hira Tariq


She was one of the 12 people who passed the entry exam but did not even appear for

Author — Adil Shah


Most interesting thing is that She cannot "afford" a phillipino maid!

Author — Umar Ghazalli Advocate


Luxurious lifestyle how can she said u turn imran khan just look at ur luxury house

Author — Sana Saif