Kolkata Sonagachi Red Light District, Visit India 34

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Kolkata Sonagachi Red Light District, Visit India 344
Kolkata Red Light District, Visit India 34, Sonagachi, Asia largest brothel, sex worker sell body, women sale for 5 usd, world cheapest sex, thousands prostitutes, under age prostitutes,


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Unless these women and girls make whatever money is asked of them, they either go hungry, or are beaten by the brothel managers and sometimes pimps. Several are trafficked victims and many from within West Bengal
In areas where livelihood and employment options are non-existent forcing them due to desperation or force into this trade, to survive.



This is hell on earth think about those life's of beautiful female that's gone once entered in this field

Author — Rajendra Katimada


Sir U are not enjoy.... sunakachi...girls???



you walk in the street with snakes...……. exspect to be bitten . its still a good video of where not to go.

Author — yaakov abdulah muhammed


I am Bengali but I don't want to visit this place..Ever in my life

Author — can i get 1000 subscriber without a vedio?


I am an Indian, but still wouldn't dare to go there.

Author — Evolution : Machine to Man


it is sad to see how woman is asking juzz 100 rs. This prove that life is really miserable

Author — Abhishek Kumar


I'm from kolkataa and i never even think of visiting there! bRuhh you opened our eyes

Author — RÄW々 ROCCO


Definitely south India is very quite and traditional especially TN, A.P, kerala. Also safety

Author — Adaikal Raj


man...the last lady just told u that u r a son of a prostitute in bengali and u just gave them rs800 inr🤤🤤

Author — Shahriyar Rahaman


thank u for ur video.
U hav entered some parts of sonagachi but it isnt advised to go to lanes as it is not safe as other countries red light area.they always drag and snatch the valuables.but there are places near sonagachi which is decent and dont do such ill behaviour towrds customer.

Author — vinood kumar


I can see Mamata Benarjee's poster there, Now i know what she mean by when she says Women Empowerment in Bengal

Author — Ajayy Vaghela


Thought Jamaican girls had it bad...WOW😮

Author — El Patron


Very notorious place. Very pitiful & pathetic fraction of West Bengal. South India especially Kerala is better as you wrote in last of video.

Author — SAMEER


Haha.. Really man . They are forcing u like a small baby
☺️ funny

Author — Octet Independent Voices


Khankiir Chele maa Ke chudii 😂😂😂

ok thank you 😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Imru Al Qais


Man, you weren't supposed to go there.

Author — Mr.Mister Engineer


Nice video, nice experience, You are a humble man! When I get retired, I want to be like you... Cheers!

Author — tcdp


To destroy these things,
There must be strong Revolution,
To all Mindset...
Which no one are try to Change...

For Hopping Good Future.

Author — ravindra ovhal


Famous Serial Killer now in he is famous for making vlogs before comitting mass murder

Author — Anirban