Kolkata Sonagachi Red Light District, Visit India 34

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Kolkata Sonagachi Red Light District, Visit India 344
Kolkata Red Light District, Visit India 34, Sonagachi, Asia largest brothel, sex worker sell body, women sale for 5 usd, world cheapest sex, thousands prostitutes, under age prostitutes,


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I am an Indian, but still wouldn't dare to go there.

Author — Evolution : Machine to Man


I am Bengali but I don't want to visit this place..Ever in my life

Author — can i get 1000 subscriber without a vedio?


I've heard about this place. It's very busy and crowdy..

Author — Awantika's Utube


it is sad to see how woman is asking juzz 100 rs. This prove that life is really miserable

Author — Abhishek Kumar


I can see Mamata Benarjee's poster there, Now i know what she mean by when she says Women Empowerment in Bengal

Author — Ajayy Vaghela


The complete video was ok but at the end whatever was written, it was a disappointment for me. Kolkata is a very beautiful city but just because you have visited a darkest part of the city, it left a bad impact on you. But don't worry next time call me if you want to see a really beautiful side of the city. And it will be free for you my brother😉😉

Author — Sandeep Prasad


Sir come to jammu city of temples visit to jammu once sir you will enjoy the peace and beauty of place. No such rubbish things you will see here I promise you

Author — Roasting adda


Kolkata i am comming!!! Just for 300rs!!!! I just broke my pigi bank for this!!

Author — Its Ash My Nigga


Unless these women and girls make whatever money is asked of them, they either go hungry, or are beaten by the brothel managers and sometimes pimps. Several are trafficked victims and many from within West Bengal
In areas where livelihood and employment options are non-existent forcing them due to desperation or force into this trade, to survive.



Ismei Risk hei na..Total money rakhleta hei kia..

Author — Abdul Faruk


I feel very bad when i saw this clip. I don't know why these women's doing this job but I feel very bad and i felt some pain inside.ALLAH help Them.

Author — Silent Love


Vese ye area real me dangerous nhi h...
advice :- agar kisi ko vaha jana h to bangali ban kar jaye as a local person..
Esa lagana chahiye ki tum ek garib ( poor ) person ho....
Agar vaha jyada ameer bane ya attitude dikhaya to bahot jald tumari kidnaping sure. !



Sir U are not enjoy.... sunakachi...girls???

Author — Gangadhar Hembram


Great Video Daniel. Takes some dare for a foriegner to venture in there. Frankly, Kolkata is more hospitable compared to other cities that do or do not have red light areas. Pimps rip off outsiders and so do prostitutes, which is not the case in Kolkata. People in Kolkata have the courtesy to speak friendly and be hospitable, two factors which are sorely missing in other red light areas.

Author — raspy669


mamta banargy randi hai au randi banata hai

Author — Pradeep Kumar Jena


in south part. there are peoples so kind and more beautiful places to visit tamilnadu and kerala

Author — Senthurâ Pandiăn


We need to uplift their lives by educating them and their children's then surely we will become a progressive country

Author — GK Biology


Very notorious place. Very pitiful & pathetic fraction of West Bengal. South India especially Kerala is better as you wrote in last of video.

Author — SAMEER


The smell HAS to be horrible!! A hot climate and those women are walking around with full head dress and dresses on in a dusty alley roadway.
They probably don't shower after sex (probably just a splash of water between the legs then off to the next STD victim)

It's sad to see this....body lice, head lice, pubic lice as well as numerous venereal diseases are being spread.
I don't blame the women as much as I blame the men who exploit the

Author — candyman junior


I have been to Kolkata but I don't dare to go to such places. But people of Kolkata are humble competitively to other cities.

Author — Vinay Kumar