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Confederate symbols are still celebrated despite the ugly history they symbolize. John Oliver suggests some representations of southern pride that involve less racism and more Stephen Colbert.

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"Books and museums are how we record history. Statues are how we glorify people."
Very very good point.

Author — damo K


"All history should be remembered, but not all history should be celebrated."

Author — Cesar Molina


Who's here in 2020 because we're still having this conversation?

Author — Jennifer


I started to tear up when he revealed the statue suggestions, and then he revealed florida's

Author — 22knives


I didn’t check the date. I literally thought this was taped two weeks ago.

Author — dbaa23


That black guy who said, "Who was working that farm?" is so dapper when he says it.

Author — Paul J. Morton


Not all historical events and persons need to be exalted.

Author — Phssthpok


I didn’t see any statues of hitler in Germany...

Author — Rubi


This. This is just how change really is.
Literally all the reasons the monuments shouldn't stand provided years ago and some believeing this is all being done in a fit of rage.

Author — Philosophiseraptor


Remember the victims not the perpetrators .
The most awkward talks I ever had is with american people that have german ancestry, because so many of them are ready to keep this statues and scream thats how you remember history but as a german myself I can tell you, we don't need statues of Göbbels proudly smiling to remember that he is a war criminal, we don't need to see Hitlers face somewhere to remember the shit that he did. What you can do it build plaques at places where slaves were openly shot, remember the victims and you will not forget the names of the people that murdered them.

Author — xXByabooXx


Not using slaves just because they're expensive is like not raping someone just because "they ugly"

You're not supposed to do that because it's a horrible thing to do. Period.

Author — El Raro Del Salón


It's now the year 2050.. the South is still having the same lame arguments.. when they could've just watched this in 2017 and ended the conversation right then and there...

Author — mackawy


To people who say it is part of their history, the Nazi's were around longer that the confederates. Do you see statues of Hitler and Himmler in Berlin or Munich? No you do not. All history has to be remembered, not all has to be celebrated.

Author — Kaiser Calvin 1


"adolf hitler nice to his dogs" "is there a gender wage gap in child labor"

Author — ufster81


Thanks. You know, lynching is also a "part of history." But I don't want a statue of it. This whole issue disgusts me. No matter what these people say in defense of such things, we all know what they're really defending. tavi.

Author — Richard Deese


Imagine having so little in your life to be proud of that you turn to your ancestors who fought for slavery.

Author — TheRealBeatMaster


As a foreigner, I was shocked the first time I saw a Robert E Lee statue and confederate flags. Did I learn the US history wrong? Was the statue a "shame" statue, one that is supposed to be spat on? I read in the news today that a bunch of people carried confederate flags to Gettysburg this July 4 to "protect" the site. What? And what?? And what??? Apparently having those statues fails to tell the history the right way

Author — speicaldark


Anderson didn’t hesitate to say his relative deserved to die the way he did. I’ve never disliked him but I think I’ll watch more of him 🤔

Author — Shereda Cook


I’m all for the LEGAL removal of confederate statues. (It should be done legally not by the mob) the biggest problem is that it’s gone from confederate statues to ANY historic statue including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and many more who were arguably in the right side of history.

Author — David


This is 2 years ago, but Oliver nailed it. It's happening over and over again and today as he speaks. Black lives matter.

Author — natalie harless