Fahim Anwar: There’s No Business Like Show Business - Full Special

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Fahim Anwar mocks the fashion in Los Angeles, imagines a reality show about sperm cells and recalls dancing for an audition without any music. (Contains strong language.)

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“Being a minority is like having a away jersey you can never take off." Damn.

Author — Miles Law


Dude's got some LUNGS making that beat the whole dance routine and not even losing a

Author — c s


If you were trying to get exposure, putting up a full set during all this crap is brilliant

Author — Heather Wohl


I've never heard of him but I freaking love him.

Author — Curtis Williams


A bee is basically a fly with a gun.. *whaaaatttt.???? 😝

Author — Wahyu Pranata Al Sabani


I just want to thank Comedy Central for always being so accessible by adding captions. You guys are awesome!!

Author — MrIllMatticc


Well. I saw this was over an hour long and I was like, hell no, there's no way I'm watching this for an hour. I'm now 55 minutes Well played my friend, well played

Author — Asia Roberts


Most underrated comedian right now in my opinion, wish he would do a new stand up

Author — Prayceez Beats


This guy has that Filthy Frank energy and I like it.

Author — Akshay Anand


This guy is really good. Hope, he gets the recognition he deserves

Author — Amir Vahidian


I haven't laughed that much in a long time! Why I didn't know him yet? He is hilarious!!! I am just 22 min

Author — Shanti Haring


His arch-enemy quietly leaving at 1:03:54

Author — Thomas Buchmueller


He had me in tears and that rarely happens

Author — Yaadu Walker


This dude deserves way more attention, he makes me lose it every time XD

Author — Price Rowland


Fahim was dying to bust those dance moves. Savage.😂

Author — stonedbombingklan


Fahim is one of the best comedians out there! ....but posting this 3 years after it came out...way to go Comedy Central.

Author — Tony Day


His physical comedy reminds me partly of Zach Braff in Scrubs and partly of Sean Hayes in Will & Grace. He would be great on a sitcom.

Author — Shannan Goff Welsh


i’ve been watching stand up comedians for over an hour and 3 minutes into this video was the first time i actually laughed out loud 🤣👍🏽

Author — Elise Stevens


He looks like Charlie Puth if he was ethnic 😂

Author — Vee N


This guy grew on me as the routine went on. He's really good with the sound effects and imitations which is not usually my type of comedy, but he had some good material and executed well.

Author — Acid Wizard