Playing an RPG for the second time

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Adventure awaits again.

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The king only had a moderate amount of corruption, acceptable levels if you will. Poor guy

Author — hirumaredx


This man literally faced the final boss with nothing but his starting equipment

Author — Animated Watchman257


“That was not a message: this, is a message” -Marshall on the throne after killing the king

Author — AtomBomb Gaming


The battle isn’t over, all those criminals Marshall released need to be stopped. This series is far from over.

Author — Aesir Unlimited


I’m going to play the “Marshall has no moral compass. He is a rat” line for my friend Marshal. No context will be given.

Author — Gido


This went from silly little RPG gag to epic series very suddenly.

Author — Arlo


I'm so sad Marshall turned evil. His beautiful little eyes, his spirit, his kind spirit...

Author — Bestunto


Number 8 on trending, this man has broken YouTube for the better, showing that persistence and passion will eventually be noticed

Author — Jimmy Combs


I love how at the beginning when he is sad, he speaks normally in an American accent, but when he sees the fire, he puts on the adventurer voice again.

Author — Ryuundo


Effective use of throwback lines: ✔️
Correct use of dramatization: ✔️
Effect use of anticlimax jokes: ✔️
Effective use of re-introduction: ✔️
Effective deviation of plot: ✔️
You my friend get an for you media studies final assignment well done have this star

Author — Sherman Leung


The lore of this series keeps getting deeper

Author — The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs


We should've known Marshall was evil.. he wasn't over 40 feet back

Author — Yermo


"He went to the prison and freed the kingdom's worst criminals"
Probably the reason why Marshall is the first living thing Jacob sees at the beginning.

Author — Elleicarjay Ramilo


I love how this is basically a big Oblivion skit <3

Author — Rebelzize


"Marshall has no moral compass, he is a rat" threw me off so hard.

Author — the egg man


joel haver connected cinematic universe confirmed??? marvel studios shutting down???

Author — CircleToonsHD


How did this go from a *hilarious parody of RPGs* to straight up unironically *one of the best RPG stories ever?*

Well it’s because the master _Joel Haver_ wrote this.

Author — The Memeest Film Buff


“He has no moral compass, he is a rat”
Tag two friends

Author — DrDefibrillators


I couldn't have asked for a better ending to this trilogy.

Author — Shawn Adams


“Marshal has no moral compass, he is a rat”

Author — Bread Froot