Mentalist Lior Suchard Bends Harry Connick Jr. & Alice Eve's Minds

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James welcomes mentalist Lior Suchard to demonstrate his abilities, guessing Harry Connick Jr's pin number and getting the audience to draw the same image.

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After 3 seconds, I paused to check the comments to see if anyone mentioned how miserable aLICE eVE was.

Author — angrypostmanfilms


How rude was Alive Eve? Didn't even stand up to say hello.

Author — Kenneth Tabor


Wow she was really rude even her body language and how she’s leaning away

Author — Gabs


this dude had like 50 coffees before the show ...

Author — Chad Mir


That one guy in the audience who didnt get the memo and drew a music note..

Author — daniel ali


Who is this wicked woman? She made me feel so uncomfortable...

Author — nickgreu4ever


I wonder what the person will be thinking who was the only one who draw a musical sign haha

Author — Areeba Tanveer


This Alice Eve is such a bad vibe in the show.

Author — Ellehcim


why does alice look so bored and why was she rude in the beginning, like when the mentalist first came on stage everyone stood up to welcome
him but she didn’t even bother to look at him

Author — elif k


How rude she didn’t even both to get up and greet him lol

Author — John Charles Bixenman


James, please don't bring Alice Eve to your shows!

Author — Tester 35


Them holding up the white signs in the audience with the stars on them looked like a cult lmao

Author — Babygirl95


“Mentalist is someone mental” 😂😂 I love him, he’s amazing at what he does and he interacts with the audience and individuals he works with. Let Alice leave... but Harry is so funny as well and was having fun!

Author — Emily Wiebel


One guy in the audience drew a music note, he must feel so special!

Author — cca211


The guy who drew music node must be sleeping while he was influencing.

Author — Ajay Bista


Um, I wasn’t paying attention to what he drew and i still was thinking star....disturbing.

Author — notbohnhere butcantleave


Alice Eve seems to be totally jaded and not interested neither in participating the show nor appreciate the magician's tricks 😒 How rude!

Author — Ingwar2000


That guy even influenced me... even I "drew" a star in my mind like that. Wow!!!

Author — coeurenpoche


When people were drawing i was like: wouldn’t it be easy to draw a star

Author — Ash VT


"Do we know eachother personally?
And you seem to be very happy about it"

Author — Frank Parent