Grocery Store Stereotypes

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Grocery Store Stereotypes! Love em' or hate em', we all know em'

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► Thanks for watching guys!
► Which Stereotype should we do next?

Author — Dude Perfect


Do a school stereotypes please like if you agree!

Author — COS_PowerC


This is how much money they have to spend on the rage Monster!


Author — Smelly feet


Sitting there wondering how much money they spent and wasted lol

Author — Shannon Lynn


Like to pay respects for the avocado.🙏🏿

Author — MRATH HQ


3:01 there is a milk in the gum section 😂

Author — aaronjik10 goldstein


They forgot the mom who talks to their friend forever

Didn't expect to get that many likes Wow!

Author — Mr.Monkey 12


Me: I'm a afraid of the frozen aisle

Therapist: Just chill

Me: **screams**

Author — Cooker Pro


Teachers: Don't draw or ruin the desk you're going to have to pay for it

Rage Monster: im about to end this man's career

Author — Chef_Dev


Hit like 👍 who are seeing this video in November 2019 😃

i am also seeing in November 2019 😂

Author — A J


Like if you think they should do a school stereotypes


Author — Kathryn Berghoff


Like if you’re the “Cart Rider”


Author — Bunny


So we’re going to ignore that Cody capped the milk when he dropped it

Author — Andy Zhu


4:12 to 4:15 when your trying to find diamonds in minecraft

Author — Juan Rojas


I'm mr.experation date
⬇️Like if u r 2

Author — Khaotic_ Mack


Like how much money they spend on rage monster

Author — CaptainTerror 59


How much money you guys spend for making rage monster's

Author — R.G Game


Dude perfect be like: "well we need a new court anyway"

Author — Justin Arney


Dude Perfect
"Last Time I Went To The Circus I Ate 4 Bags Of These''

Author — spicy_ gachagirl


This whole vid is what I always do at the grocery store.

Author — Jeff Joey Fries